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About Boutique
EuroSpa ShowerMist is an excellent retail product that clients LOVE to take home! Now, home showers can become a Five Star Resort experience with only a few sprays of EuroSpa ShowerMist.

When used to freshen a treatment room, keep a steam room fresh or eliminating sauna odors, Eucalyptus Oil is very appealing to most clients. Oftentimes, they will comment how much they like the exhilarating aroma. It is then very easy to simply direct them to the hand-crafted wood display where they are able to purchase either an 8 oz or 2 oz spray bottle to take home. Your clients will have a favorable memory of your spa each time they enjoy a Eucalyptus Oil infused shower at home.

For those spas with a steam room, a handy rack card can be easily displayed outside the steam room. Your clients will notice that the exhilarating aroma of EuroSpa Eucalyptus Oil in the steam room is available for them to take home from your retail boutique. The purse-size 2 oz bottle of EuroSpa ShowerMist is perfect for travelers as it meets TSA requirements for carry-on liquids. The 8 oz economy size will deliver more than 1500 sprays in a home shower!

Sales are easy, re-orders even easier! Margins are very attractive and help turn your back room expense into front room revenues. Take advantage of the benefits a “signature fragrance” can bring to your spa.

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