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About EuroSpa
EuroSpa believes that the end user of our product deserves an excellent quality Eucalyptus Oil that is healthy and contains no toxic ingredients. We also believe you should be offered a quality product at the lowest possible price. We would invite you to compare our 100% natural oil and our blends to others in our industry. In one well publicized brand you’ll find industrial solvents and water, and very little Eucalyptus Oil. Another company dilutes their oil with Isopropyl Alcohol to increase their profit margin. We do not consider either solvents or isopropyl alcohol to be healthy to breathe, and we do not pollute our oils in such a manner. The end result is that EuroSpa's oils smell better, last longer and go further in your steam line and sauna, ultimately saving you money, and keeping your members healthy and happy.
EuroSpa has been the industry leader and innovator since 1977. All our blends are carefully formulated, using only the finest ingredients available on the World market. When you see "SUPREMA GRADE (NF)", know that we originated the name, and that other products bearing that name are not the same quality or purity you would rightly expect from us. Always look for the (NF) after the name, meaning National Formulary, the organization that sets pharmaceutical standards world wide. We are dedicated to bringing you only superior quality, health-promoting products. This quality has never been challenged in our long history. We look forward to serving you, and we will always continue Measuring Integrity Drop by Drop.
About EuroSpa
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