May is National Mental Health & Awareness Month

May 6, 2017Aromatherapy, benefits of Eucalyptus Oil, better sleep, boost energy, brain fog, depression, Essential oil, essential oil benefits, headaches, Health & Wellness, lavender oil, mental fatigue, Mental Health, migraine, mint

Mental Health can be such a buzz word these days. Most of what we see on the news, is about someone whose mental health is impaired to the point that something has gone wrong. But we as a society don’t focus enough on our day to day mental health. Because of the news media, it … Read More

Speed Up Hair Growth With These Little Known Natural Tips!

January 6, 2017beauty tips, benefits of Eucalyptus Oil, faster hair growth, grow hair faster, hair growth, hair health, natural beauty at home

Long hair is a coveted feature by so many women and there’s nothing more frustrating when trying to grow it out, to see it stop growing all together. Talk about practicing patience! But be relieved, there are a few lesser known, natural ways to have the long and beautiful tresses you’ve been wanting so badly, … Read More

Feeling Nauseous? Kick It Fast With These Natural and Safe Home Remedies!

September 2, 2016benefits of Eucalyptus Oil, cure and upset stomach at home, indigestion, morning sickness, nausea, stomach flu, Uncategorized

When nausea hits, your nerves start to go wild. Sometimes you know the cause and other times you don’t. What’s more important is that you don’t want the nausea to lead to any further problems. So you’ve got to handle it fast. We at Eurospa, want to share with you our favorite tried and true … Read More

Get To Know Eucalyptus Better & Your Health Might Have a New Best Friend

April 16, 2016benefits of Eucalyptus Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, history of eucalyptus, Uncategorized

Essential oils and other forms of plant medicine are getting a lot of attention. They all have various benefits and strengths, but we at Eurospa hold a special place in our hearts for Eucalyptus and won’t rest until we’ve told everyone possible about the reasons we’ve grown so fond of it. People have said that … Read More

Menthol Crystals Play a Powerful Role in Your Health and Vitality. Here’s Why:

April 15, 2016benefits of Eucalyptus Oil, menthol crystals, natural remedies, respiratory health, skin disorders, Uncategorized

If you or someone you know suffers from muscle pain, allergies, skin conditions, emotional imbalance or respiratory challenges, then this is something you want to know about and get your hands on. There’s a reason the top spas and natural practitioners have been using menthol crystals for so long.  The crystals work hard to support … Read More

How to Use Eucalyptus Oil for Better Health and A Stronger Immune System

February 18, 2016benefits of Eucalyptus Oil, benefits of menthol crystals, cold and flu, cold prevention, cold remedy, eucalyptus steam room, healthy hair, Uncategorized

As cold season continues, it’s even more important to take care of our health and immune system. We hate being laid out, missing school and work and we aren’t alone. But lucky for all of us, there is a power plant that helps keep us strong, protected and cleansed to beat the colds that come … Read More

Here Are the Top Natural Sore Throat Remedies For Rapid Relief!

February 16, 2016benefits of Eucalyptus Oil, chest cold, eucayptus oil health benefits, natural healing, natural remedies, sore throat, Uncategorized

A sore throat can be the main symptom of your cold or just one of many. No matter how it arrives, it’s uncomfortable and a stubborn nuisance. But there are natural ways to kick the beast fast and we want to share them with you, because we at Eurospa are dedicated to natural health and … Read More