May is National Mental Health & Awareness Month

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Mental Health can be such a buzz word these days. Most of what we see on the news, is about someone whose mental health is impaired to the point that something has gone wrong. But we as a society don’t focus enough on our day to day mental health. Because of the news media, it … Read More

Life Changing! Exhilerating! Natural Stimulant! Takes 10 Seconds!

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  Need a pick me up? Not interested in #energydrinks or prescription drugs?   Now all you need to do is rub your hands together. The key is what you put on your palms before you do the rubbing. Spray a couple of shots of 100% pure Eurospa Eucalyptus Oil Shower Spray on your hands, rub … Read More

Easy Ways to Boost the Health Benefits of Your Sauna Time!

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Health experts everywhere are saying more than ever that using a sauna or steam room regularly benefits your health, increases your immunity and quality of life. So if we told you you could get even more out of the experience, would you want to know more? Of course you would! We at Eurospa, specialize in … Read More

Happy Halloween! How to Protect Your Health From the Sugar Shock!

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Halloween is here and there’s about to be a lot of sugar consumed!  You need to protect your health from the sugar shock! Of course, we all know it’s fun to go crazy with the treats, but it’s important to find the healthy balance ahead of time to make sure you don’t go through with-drawls … Read More

Don’t Be the Bug’s Dinner! Here are the Best Tips to Avoid Bug Bites This Summer

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Nobody likes to be a bug’s dinner.  We all love summer time, but adults and kids alike, can’t stand the impending doom of being covered in little, itchy, menacing bumps.  The good news, is that it’s totally possible to enjoy a summer vacation, camping at the lake or a day at the river, without the … Read More Showers Praise on Eucalyptus Oil Uses

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The following content comes from a blog you might enjoy reading,  Under the subject of Eucalyptus Oil, they had this to say: Eucalyptus oil is one of the most popular essential oils and an inevitable ingredient in your fist aid kit. The widely popular Eucalyptus oil benefits are really interesting. A simple oil extracted … Read More

Review – The Four Seasons Spa, Scottsdale at Troon North

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Become One with the Environment at the Four Seasons Spa.   Scottsdale is the Bel Air of the Sonoran Desert.  Located just Northeast of Phoenix, it has come to be known as the destination of the pampered classes. The Four Seasons Hotels are also known for locating their charming resorts in the best playlands on … Read More

Stop Cold Sores Before They Get Started with this Essential Oil

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Doesn’t Hurt to Try Eucalyptus Oil on Your Cold Sores, and Apparently Many Find Eucalyptus to be Effective at Stopping Cold Sores from Forming.   If you do a Google Search for Eucalyptus Oil Cold Sore, you will get pages and pages of results.  If you check those results, you will see that tea tree oil, … Read More

50 Most Amazing Eco Spas in the World – Prevention Mag

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The Spa at Mohonk Mountain House – Provided by How About a Little Spa Hopping Vacation – Here’s A Year’s Worth Prevention Magazine’s online effort is best known for giving you the latest bits of information on wellness and health.  But they are also expert at putting together slide shows of the best … Read More

Steam Room Eucalyptus Oil Automatic Injection System from Eurospa Reviews

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–> Mystifier Automatic Injection System What Are Eurospa Customers Saying About the Mystifier Automatic Eucalyptus Oil Injection System and the Company Behind the Mystifier and the Pure Oil that Runs Through It? “Your Suprema Eucalyptus Oil Blend is so much stronger than what we’ve been using that we have needed to drastically reduce the feed … Read More