May is National Mental Health & Awareness Month

May 6, 2017Aromatherapy, benefits of Eucalyptus Oil, better sleep, boost energy, brain fog, depression, Essential oil, essential oil benefits, headaches, Health & Wellness, lavender oil, mental fatigue, Mental Health, migraine, mint

Mental Health can be such a buzz word these days. Most of what we see on the news, is about someone whose mental health is impaired to the point that something has gone wrong. But we as a society don’t focus enough on our day to day mental health. Because of the news media, it … Read More

If You Hate Having Hay Fever, Your Going to LOVE These Natural Home Remedies. Get Fast Relief Now.

May 26, 2014Allergies, essential oil benefits, Eucalyptus Oil, hay fever remedies, home remedy sinusitis, lavender oil, sinus infection, steam room, Uncategorized

Ah, hay fever.         The dependable relative to spring that likes to show up at random hours, interfering with your daily routine and work schedule.   I can’t stand these phases in nature that are so invasive of my space and comfort!  It’s so incredibly frustrating to have that continuous, unrelenting urge to … Read More