Get the Best Essential Oils to Boost Your Immune System for Winter!

December 3, 2014Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, boost immune system, essential oils, Eucalyptus Oil, eurospa, lavender, Uncategorized, winter health

Incorporating essential oils into your daily routine will help keep your immune system stronger, shorten your recovery time from illness and uplift your spirits when the winter weather keeps you inside a bit more than you would like. Pure therapeutic essential oils have the ability to work with the body on a spiritual, mental and … Read More

Cure Your Headache at Home With Eucalyptus Oil!

March 17, 2014antimicrobial, cure headache at home, Eucalyptus Oil, headaches, home rememdies, lavender, migraines, natural remedies, peppermint, Uncategorized

Headaches can be a real day stopper and have the unpleasant gift of showing up at the most inconvenient times!  I don’t like over the counter medicine and love to find alternatives.  So, when a headache shows up during my busy day of work, the house and kids, I need some ways to cure the … Read More