May is National Mental Health & Awareness Month

May 6, 2017Aromatherapy, benefits of Eucalyptus Oil, better sleep, boost energy, brain fog, depression, Essential oil, essential oil benefits, headaches, Health & Wellness, lavender oil, mental fatigue, Mental Health, migraine, mint

Mental Health can be such a buzz word these days. Most of what we see on the news, is about someone whose mental health is impaired to the point that something has gone wrong. But we as a society don’t focus enough on our day to day mental health. Because of the news media, it … Read More

Kick Sinus Pain and Pressure Fast and Naturally – So You Can Have Your Life Back.

January 30, 2017menthol, menthol crystals, mint, shower mist, shower spray, sinus cold, sinus headache, sinus infection, sinus pain, sinus pressure, sinusitis

As winter starts to shift into spring, germs are still in the air and pollen begins haunting the noses of people all over. This is not comfortable and it can really get in the way of kids going to school, parents going to work and the overall enjoyment of life. So how about not letting … Read More

Don’t Miss The Amazing Benefits of Mint in Your Life!

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EuroSpa’s Mint and Eucalyptus Products Will Give Quality to Your Life! If you haven’t learned the incredible healing benefits of mint, you’re greatly missing out. There are some very common ailments that most of us are familiar with either from our own lives or in the lives of those we love.Some of the more common … Read More

Learn About the Powerful Health Benefits of Mint for Overall Health and Vitality!

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We lead busy lives and often times, common little (and big) ailments get in the way. You know the ones: headaches, fatigue, back pain, muscle stiffness, indigestion …. And that’s just the beginning. What’s amazing is that mint is a magical plant that has highly therapeutic benefits that both relieve the symptoms of these common … Read More

Mint Has Some Shocking Health Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss. [the 4th is amazing!]

December 17, 2015chronic fatigue, depression, headache, health tips, healthy gifts, mint, natural treatments for asthma, nausea relief, Uncategorized

Everyone has these little (and big) ailments that get in the way of your daily life and the ability to enjoy it. Some of the more common complaints are body pain, fatigue and low spirits. We’ve all been there and we all know someone who’s been there. What’s beautiful is that you don’t have to … Read More