Kick Sinus Pain and Pressure Fast and Naturally – So You Can Have Your Life Back.

January 30, 2017menthol, menthol crystals, mint, shower mist, shower spray, sinus cold, sinus headache, sinus infection, sinus pain, sinus pressure, sinusitis

As winter starts to shift into spring, germs are still in the air and pollen begins haunting the noses of people all over. This is not comfortable and it can really get in the way of kids going to school, parents going to work and the overall enjoyment of life. So how about not letting … Read More

Escape the Stress and Turn Your Shower Into A Total Spa Experience with a NEW Mint Oil!

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Your shower should feel like a spa retreat. If it doesn’t, you’re really missing out! Not only is it easy to do, but it’s affordable too. At Eurospa, we are known for equipping high end spas with our top grade oils, crystals and eucalyptus based products and we’ve bottled up all that luxury just for … Read More

Ease Nausea Quickly and Naturally with This Natural Home Remedy!

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No one likes nausea. Your whole day can turn upside down, with your movement limited and and ability to consume food almost impossible. But we are happy to share with you a natural remedy that will be comfort and relief, quickly and naturally from the comfort of your home.  Of course, at Eurospa, our specialty … Read More

6 Surprisingly Easy Tips for A Better Workout and Faster Muscle Recovery!

May 21, 2014Eucalyptus Oil, foods for weight loss, post workout, sauna, shower mist, spa, Uncategorized, workout foods, workout recovery, workout routine

Everyone wants to be strong, fit, and look great, but let’s face it, our schedules and lifestyles often make this hard to do. And once we do finally find a chance to make space for those workouts, our dedication to a more toned body can lead us to over do it (from our lack of … Read More

Give Your Sweetheart the Unique Gift of Eucalyptus Shower Mist for Any Occasion

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Birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or Just Because Day Your Soul Mate Will Thank You Every Day for this Amazing Present Any Time You Gift It How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways. I’ll give you the gift of a calm spirit induced by aromatherapyI’ll provide you with a daily experience of steam … Read More