Kick Sinus Pain and Pressure Fast and Naturally – So You Can Have Your Life Back.

January 30, 2017menthol, menthol crystals, mint, shower mist, shower spray, sinus cold, sinus headache, sinus infection, sinus pain, sinus pressure, sinusitis

As winter starts to shift into spring, germs are still in the air and pollen begins haunting the noses of people all over. This is not comfortable and it can really get in the way of kids going to school, parents going to work and the overall enjoyment of life. So how about not letting … Read More

Don’t Be Pushed Around By Sinus Pressure! Get Fast Natural Relief NOW.

July 18, 2016Allergies, home remedy sinusitis, sinus cold, sinus headache, sinus pressure, Uncategorized

You’re busy and don’t have time to be shackled down by annoying sneezing, congestion and headaches.  You also care about your health and don’t want to be constantly popping anti-histamines all day. You need relief you can count on that supports your total body wellness. We at EuroSpa, want you to know that you can … Read More

The Good News and Bad News About Your Seasonal Allergies.

April 3, 2016Allergies, eucalyptus, hay fever, seasonal allergies, sinus cold, sinus headache, Uncategorized

It’s too familiar. It feels like the coming on of the flu. Slight headache. Sinus pressure. Tiredness. And then… sneezing. There’s a good chance you’re not sick. (Good news!) It’s likely you’ve got seasonal allergies. (Bad News.) Why is this bad news? Well, a cold will go away. Allergies like to hang on to you … Read More

Be Sinus Pressure Free for Thanksgiving with This Powerful Natural Remedy!

November 18, 2015boost immune system, eucalyptus, head cold, healthy thanksgiving, natural remedies, sinus cold, sinus pressure, Uncategorized, winter health

It never fails. A fun and festive holiday is approaching and you are blessed with the gift of a sinus cold. Who wants to be in the family photo with a red nose and watery eyes? Nobody does and that’s why we at Eurospa want to share the powerful natural ways you can be sinus … Read More