How to Stay Comfortable During Pregnancy

January 26, 2016Body & Beauty

Pregnancy isn’t an easy adventure for anyone, but the hardest challenge comes with trying to stay comfortable. The body is expanding and growing a miracle, and it hurts. Of course, it’s still a beautiful process, but if she’s not comfortable, then any enjoyment is out the window. A well-nurtured pregnancy is well worth the effort, … Read More

106 Types of Products Using Eucalyptus Oil

July 28, 2013Uncategorized

Eucalyptus Oil is found in… The folks at Good Guide have compiled an amazing resource that evaluates various types of products and lets consumers dig past the package’s marketing spiel by entering a product’s name and discovering its health, environmental and social impacts.  This is a list they compiled regarding the products containing eucalyptus oil.  … Read More

Steam Room – How to Maintain A Commercial Steam Room

July 22, 2012Uncategorized

Steam Room Maintenance Is Critical to Your Guest’s Perception of Your Entire Spa or Gym It goes without saying that attention to detail is a critical component of any business.  When a business caters to clients who are looking for an enjoyable diversion away from the craziness that is their normal life, nothing should get … Read More