Why You Should Diffuse Eucalyptus in Your Spa this Fall

July 10, 2019All About Eucalyptus, Aromatherapy, Spas, Steam Rooms & Saunas

The woody-sweet scent of eucalyptus is refreshing, energizing, and pleasing to many. When diffused in your spa this fall, it can be an exhilarating part of your customer’s experience. Follow Your Nose: Scent MarketingThink back to your most favorite holiday as a child. (Christmas or Thanksgiving, perhaps?) You can envision the lights, the sounds, and … Read More

Why Give the Gift of Aromatherapy? Because You Care!

November 20, 2013Uncategorized

Eucalyptus Oil Is A Magnificent Source of Wellness and Emotional Therapy Throughout this blog we have endeavored to provide you with current thinking and research on the use of one of the most amazing plants on the planet.  Whether contributing to the reduction of malaria, providing the single largest source of building lumber, or helping … Read More

WholeHealthMD Shows Health Benfits of Eucalyptus as Treatment

June 29, 2013Uncategorized

Smart Panda Munching on Eucalyptus in Steam Room  Eucalyptus Oil Recognized as Effective in Treating Wide Range of Health Conditions Buried online is the following table from WholeHealthMD.com .  If this is any indication of the quality of the rest of their site, we can only hope there seo (search engine optimization) will improve.The chart … Read More

15 Reasons You Need Eucalyptus Oil in Your Home

June 24, 2013Uncategorized

Only a Smart Phone Has More Beneficial Uses in Your Home, and a Year’s Supply of Eucalyptus Oil will only Cost You $29.95.   I stare at the little block of aluminum, glass and electronics in my hand and I marvel.  The phone, computer, camera, video camera, radio, TV, movie player, music device, flashlight, and clock … Read More

Exposed – Eucalyptus Oil Does Not Cure This

June 21, 2013Uncategorized

Eucalyptus Oil May Cure Respiratory Diseases, Malaria, Chocolate Addiction, and Cat Trespasses, but Studies have not yet Shown Any Benefit in Using Eucalyptus Oil for Everything . . . at Least Not Yet! We have shown elsewhere on this blog that Eucalyptus works at least two ways to help combat and even eliminate malaria.  The … Read More

Eucalyptus Oil Second Only to Chemical DEET as Mosquito Repellant

June 5, 2013Uncategorized

Ochlerotatus notoscriptus, Tasmania, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 5 Reasons to Use Eucalyptus Oil Instead of DEET as Mosquito Repellant As we head into the heart of mosquito season, the various sprays, ointments, and zappers come out of the closets and basements.  You may not be aware that Eucalyptus Oil is considered to be the 2nd … Read More

How to Use Diluted Eucalyptus Oil as a Cat Repellant

June 3, 2013Uncategorized

Clearly not a eucalyptus leaf Do Not Use Concentrated Eucalyptus Oil to Repel Cats.  It Can Be Toxic – Even Fatal Eucalyptus Oil may be best known as a muscle relaxant, soothing aromatic, excellent cold remedy, and delightful enhancement to steam rooms, but fewer people are aware of the use of Eucalyptus Oil as a … Read More