A History of Eucalyptus

April 16, 2016All About Eucalyptus

Essential oils and other forms of plant medicine are getting a lot of attention. They all have various benefits and strengths, but we hold a special place in our hearts for Eucalyptus and won’t rest until we’ve told everyone about the reasons we’ve grown so fond of it. Where is Eucalyptus Found? People have said … Read More

Eucalyptus Successfully Used in Fight to Control Malaria

May 19, 2013Uncategorized

Eucalyptus Hugely Successful Against Malaria for Two Reasons The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation intends to finish off dreaded Malaria in the next 20 years.  One wonders if the Eucalyptus Tree will be a continuing part of the effort. The following article has been taken from what must be the most exhaustive website on the … Read More

9 Surprising Ways Eucalyptus Trees Benefit Humans

April 26, 2013Uncategorized

In Sherbrooke Forest, Victoria, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Best Friend a Steam Room Ever Had, Eucalyptus Oil, Comes from a Tree that Provides the World with a Long List of Benefits Everyone loves the scent of eucalyptus oil in the steam room at the local spa or gym.  Many are now finding that they … Read More