Yes, you read that right! We just launched our subscription service for our ShowerMist and Yoga Mat Cleaner in the shop, and we’ve got some free goods for you when you subscribe.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Start browsing in our shop. Find your favorite ShowerMist or preferred size of Yoga Mat Cleaner with this badge:
  1. So you can #alwaysbemisting and never run out of eucalyptus goodness, click your favorite with the subscription badge, and then click “ADD SUBSCRIPTION”.
  1. You’ll need an account in our shop to enable subscriptions and save your billing/shipping details. All you have to do is enter your email to get going.
  1. Review your information just like you would in the regular shopping cart, check the subscription frequency, and then hit “SUBSCRIBE”. It’s that easy!
  1. You’ll receive your first order within our regular processing and shipping time, and then at the frequency for the product you subscribed to — every 2 months for 2oz bottles, every 3 months for 8oz bottles, or every 4 months for twin or duo packs. Every subscription order that you receive will have a free 1oz bottle of one of our ShowerMist varieties. It’s like a little Christmas surprise with every order.

Once you’re subscribed, you’ll get a confirmation email. Click on the shop link in in the order email (“You can log in to manage your subscription at EuroSpa Aromatics”) to log in to your account and check the details of your subscriptions including:

  • The next order date
  • Price
  • Subscription frequency
  • Order history
  • Saved billing and shipping information

You can also cancel your subscription from within your account. There’s no fee or penalty when you cancel, you just won’t get any more free 1oz bottles with your orders. Bummer!

We hope you enjoy our subscription service and get to experience exhilarating infusions that you haven’t tried before.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback! If you have any questions or concerns at all, send us an email at and we’ll promptly get back to you.


How do I subscribe to a product?
Start browsing in our shop. Find your favorite ShowerMist or preferred size of Yoga Mat Cleaner with our subscription badge, and click on the “ADD SUBSCRIPTION” button.

Can I subscribe to a product that doesn’t have the subscribe badge?
No, you can only subscribe to products that are marked “subscription” that have the #alwaysbemisting subscribe badge. We will be adding additional products for subscription in our store in the future. If you’d like to subscribe to orders of Menthol Crystals, please have a look here.

When will my first subscription order ship?
Your first subscription order will ship as soon as the order is processed.

When will my next subscription order ship?
Your subsequent subscription order will ship when the renewal is processed. 2 oz ShowerMist and 16 oz Yoga Mat Cleaner renew every 2 months, 8 oz ShowerMist subscriptions renew every 3 months, and duo or twin packs renew every 4 months (so 2, 3 or 4 months after your first order). The only exception is 2 oz Yoga Mat Cleaner which renews every month.

How can I cancel my subscription? Can EuroSpa cancel my subscription for me?
To cancel a subscription, click “Cancel Subscription” from within your account dashboard. In the confirmation window, click “Cancel Subscription”. You’ll receive an email notification when your subscription is cancelled.

I need to change my subscription shipping address. How do I do this?
To change the subscription shipping address, you’ll have to cancel the subscription and re-subscribe using different shipping details.

Can I adjust the frequency of my subscription?
Unfortuntely not. You’ll have to cancel and re-subscribe.

Can I re-subscribe?
Yes, absolutely!

Do I have to have an account to subscribe?
Yes, you’ll need to have a customer account in our store in order to subscribe. Having an account has its own benefits: you can securely save payment methods, shipping addresses, shopping carts, and order information, making for a faster checkout experience.

Can I skip this month’s or a month’s renewal?
No. If you want to skip a renewal, we’ll need to cancel your pending order after it’s placed. Please contact us if you want to do this and your order has already been placed. If you want to skip before the order has been placed, you’ll need to cancel your subscription.

Can I pause my subscription?
No. If you want to pause your subscription, you should cancel the subscription, and purchase the subscription product again in the future.

Can I buy a subscription with a gift card?
No. Gift cards can’t be applied to subscription products.

Can I apply a discount to a subscription product?
Sorry, no. Discounts can’t be applied to subscriptions at this time.

I forgot my account password. Can you retrieve my password for me?
EuroSpa is unable to change your password for you, but after clicking the “Sign In” link, you can click “Forgot password?” to send yourself a password reset email. This link expires after 24 hours.

I want to change my account email address. How do I do this?
It isn’t possible to change the email address associated with your account at this time. You can create a new account using your updated email address.

Can I save my PayPal account as a payment method?
No. You can only save credit card information and billing addresses.

Will orders made while I was logged out appear in my account?
No. Orders placed while logged out won’t appear in your account and orders dashboard.

Will orders made before I created an account appear in my account?
No. Orders placed before you created an account won’t appear in your account and orders dashboard.