Get Fast Relief for Stubborn Chest Congestion

Get Fast Relief for Stubborn Chest Congestion

If you’ve ever used cough drops or nasal inhalers, you’ve experienced the congestion-clearing powers of eucalyptus oil. Essential oil extracted from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree, a type of evergreen native to Australia, has long been used in cough drops and cold medications as well as in mouthwashes, toothpaste, detergents, and liniments for arthritis pain.

It qualifies perfectly as “cheap insurance,” as my dad would say: not only is it the least expensive essential oil available today, it is simple to use, effective at relieving congestion, and can also provide protection against respiratory infections.

There are an ever-increasing number of drugs available to deal with chest congestion but the side effects associated with the use of these drugs is a concern for many of you.

Home remedies for congestion are free from side effects and can provide instant relief.

Why not use simple easy to use remedies first?

Fast Remedy
Eucalyptus can encourage better breathing and help to open clogged nasal and bronchial passages. To relieve congestion, it can also be used by placing a few drops on a handkerchief or adding 10 to 15 drops to a vaporizer or some boiling water on the stove. Also, eucalyptus oil makes a soothing chest rub for congestion and mucus buildup when diluted with olive oil. In addition to clearing the air passages, inhaling eucalyptus has been shown to cause an increase in the uptake of oxygen from the lungs to the bloodstream. This is great news for for anyone struggling with bronchial or respiratory problems.

As easy as a pot on the stove filled with steaming water plus a towel for a tent, steam inhalation therapy is quick but nonetheless effective. By inhaling the steam for approximately 10 minutes, one can often notice a difference immediately. Due to steam inhalation, the accumulated mucus in the respiratory tract loosens up, which helps break down and clear chest congestion.

A hot shower or bath can also contribute to ease the discomfort associated with chest congestion. Inhaling steam that has built up in the bathroom will moisten the air passages and thin out the mucus.

Those are the most efficient remedies out there for dealing with and kicking that stubborn, weekend ruining chest congestion we all love to hate. So why not try it today and see how much faster you find relief!

Check out our Eucalyptus and Menthol-based products for both home and spa for more information on how these can help you when you’re stuffed up.

Enjoy Rejuvenating Health with Menthol Crystals!

Menthol Crystals are being talked about more and more these days, but do you really know what they are and how they will benefit you? Originally known as Japanese Mint, the herb was exported out of Japan and into India. Currently grown in northern India, the leaves of this incredible herb contain 70 percent menthol, releasing a powerfully pleasant aroma of mint. The crystals offer the world many ways and applications to take advantage of it’s wonderfully healing nature.

Let’s look at a some more information and ways that you can invite this plant’s power into your own life, health and home.


A natural product, menthol crystals contain and release a cool and refreshing smell of mint. Derived from the extraction of oil from mint, menthol is an herbal compound, formerly known as peppermint camphor. The crystals work well in any product requiring a strong flavor or aroma, with the added bonus of its ability to relieve pain and soothe the body.

Uses in Health and Beauty:

Menthol crystals are added to other great ingredients used in cosmetics, creams, toothpaste, dental rinses, cough drops and even shampoos.  Because of its analgesic properties, menthol crystals can relieve body aches and soothe muscle pains.  On a more precise and symptomatic level, the essence of menthol can clear up coughing and breathing problems. Simply place a few crystals in the steam of your shower or steam room and inhale the vapors to clear your sinuses. Rub the crystals along the shower walls and the steam will release menthol while you rejuvenate in the shower. With the combination of the heat and menthol  your sinuses will open, your body aches will be relaxed and throat pain will be soothed. Menthol crystals will also dissolve in alcohol and oil, allowing their strong smell to make them a desirable product for home fragrances and perfumes.

For Use In the Home:

When using menthol crystals at home to prepare various products like a salve or fragrance, always wear a mask. Avoid placing your head directly over the bowl or other container containing the crystals. The smell of 100 percent menthol crystals is very powerful. Menthol crystals are soluble in alcohol and oils like olive oil but not in water. They melt around 107 degrees Fahrenheit. Ratios of 5 to 20 per cent menthol are common but for home use start with a low percentage until you develop a feel for the potency of the crystals and your own tolerance.

For Topical Use:

Menthol crystals can be used topically to soothe sore and stiff muscles, but make sure they are diluted with a carrier oil such as olive, coconut or jojoba oil.  Rub the crystals in the carrier, over the area of the skin where the muscles are sore.  The first sensation that you’ll feel will be an icy cooling, followed by numbness and partial incapacity of muscle use. This occurs, as the menthol crystals stimulate the nerve endings in the skin, creating that cold and numbing sensation.
All EuroSpa Aromatics’ products significantly exceed the pharmaceutical standard. All of our products are fresh and non-toxic. At Eurospa Aromatics, health quality is our main priority.  We look forward to hearing from you and allowing us to supply you with our products, which we firmly believe make your members healthier and happier.
Energize Your Morning With Essential Oils as Strong as Coffee!!

Energize Your Morning With Essential Oils as Strong as Coffee!!

Not everyone is a morning person, but most people need to function in the morning for one reason or another.  With that in mind, let’s make the most out of those morning blues with these 7 positive ways to create an energized and productive day!

Everyone has personal weaknesses in their morning routine, so we want to reduce the confusion and chaos the night before.  For example, gather your clothes (yours and the kids) together and set them aside to save yourself the anxiety of staring into your closet and making those choices in your morning zombie mode.  Then, take some essential oil of lavender with a little coconut oil and massage into your feet.  The oil will be absorbed through your feet and travel to the rest of your body, aiding in added relaxation.

wake up and start your day feeling rejuvenated and refreshed with menthol crystals from Eurospa Aromatics.2. BE THE SUNSHINE IN YOUR own DAY
The sun is going to rise regardless of what side of the bed you choose to wake up on.  And, yes I said “choose”.  I know you might be tired (maybe go to bed earlier?) or dreading the day ahead but only you can decide how you feel about your day and whether your fears or frustrations will rule you. When you wake up – just smile.  Even if you feel stupid and inauthentic, smile anyway and keep it there.  While (possibly staging) you grin, think of everything you love and are thankful for.  Life can be crazy but it doesn’t mean YOU have to be.  So make a different choice.  You be the sunshine!

Find a quiet place in your home (especially helpful for parents) that’s free from distraction, but not in your bed.  Turn on some relaxing music, read or just sit in the stillness. Take one, then two, then ten deep breaths.   This is your opportunity to set your daily intention for a peaceful and productive day.

It’s common knowledge that physical activity is important for both your mind and body, but it can be really difficult to find the time to fit it in to our busy schedules.  If you can go for a run or stop by the gym first thing in the morning, great!  If not, make a plan to implement a small routine into your morning so you at least set a pattern and habit to care for your mind and body which will in turn, not only set up your day with energy but also the rest of your life.

Inside and out is best! Make sure to drink a glass of water, as the hydration really does wake up your cells and start your day with a metabolic cleansing.  Then head to the shower.  Turn up the heat and let your muscles both relax and rejuvenate! Add menthol crystals to the shower steam as well to further awaken and even reap the health benefits!  Menthol crystals open up your bronchial passage ways, allowing you do breathe deeper  and get more oxygen to your brain. More oxygen to the brain means more clarity and mental peace.  These crystals will add a great vibrance to your day!

Some people are morning eaters and some are not.  Meet with a nutritionist or do some research and try to hone in on what your particular body type is.  Some people are the hot tea and toast type and others are the full spread of fruit, bacon and eggs.  Whatever feels best and fuels you for the next couple of hours should be considered your energy spark for the day and committed to. When you take time to eat a balanced meal, you are giving your body the fuel it needs for everything else.   Chinese medicine states that the morning meal is the fuel your body pulls from most, the rest of the day. Only the oiled machine can truly perform!

Your health is our goal at Eurospa.  Let us know how we can make life better for you.



chest congestion, clear pathways, breathe better fast, natural remedy for coughs, colds, menthol crystals, bronchitis, sinusitis, glowing skin, fountain of youthAre you one of the lucky ones that experiences either chronic or acute nasal congestion? If you’re experiencing nasal congestion, morning sneezes, or any nose blockages – the good news is YOU WIN!! Sinus problems happen for many reasons; some of which include air conditioners, pollution, genetics and more.

Regardless, if you have had the ‘pleasure’ of this untimely gift, you know it’s not only a miserable feeling but can turn your whole day upside down, as breathing can be difficult. Regular lung cleansing may be the solution you’ve been looking for as it is helpful to many respiratory ailments.  Since we are always breathing, clogged sinuses and congestion in our lungs are conditions we can’t so easily ignore! And when those pathways become hindered, the only things we are desperate for are some efficient inhalations. Good thing is, that menthol crystals are able to provide a significant amount of relief, as menthol reduces broncho-constriction and hyper airway responsiveness. 

Products intended for lung cleansing, that contain menthol crystals have shown to provide incredible relief for the tiresome symptoms of upper respiratory complaints, congestion, sore throats and even coughs.  You may have noticed that the leading brands of lozenges, drops and balms usually list menthol as their main ingredient.  So, it’s no surprise that inhaling the vapor and scent of menthol crystals leave you almost feeling their power as they break up congestion, clear pathways, cooling the burn and soothing irritated membranes. This is so helpful and holds it’s worth in the relief alone! 

Are you intrigued?  Ready to know how to use them?

What’s great, is that since the crystals are so concentrated, you only need a small amount each time!

Here’s what I want you to do:   

chest congestion, clear pathways, breathe better fast, natural remedy for coughs, colds, menthol crystals, bronchitis, sinusitis, glowing skin, fountain of youth

Fill a bucket or a pot with about 1/3 of steaming hot water. (if you want to do all of this at the stove, keep the temperature at medium or less as too high of a boil will be too hot for your skin.) Put about 3-4 menthol crystals into the steaming water. Grab a towel and cover your head and the pot with it, leaving space for fresh air to find it’s way in. Then, breath in and out deeply.  You may find that it’s hard to breathe in the menthol steam, especially if you have a lot of stubborn congestion. But still try to stick to it for about 15 minutes or until you couldn’t take it anymore. (Turn on some relaxing or revitalizing tunes and let it all go!) Once you, or the steam is done,  unveil yourself from the towel and take in few fresh breaths,  allowing your body to cool down to let your breathing return to normal.  Next?  Blow your nose. Blow everything out! But keep in mind not to press on one side of the nose while blowing the other side. Just blow it out naturally and with ease from both sides at the same time. Your head will feel lighter and the nasal pathways more clear. If you got deep enough, you should even feel the mucous in your lungs clearing up as well!
As far as timing goes, if you are able do it every night before bed, it will help you in getting a better night sleep. Over time, you will get so much out that you may even clear your sinusitis one day!

I did mention beautiful, glowing skin, didn’t I?  I know it got your attention and I’m happy to tell you…  You have just opened the pores of your skin, sweat out impurities, infused your cells with anti-microbial super powers (thank you menthol crystals!) and added to the supple, youthful glow that we all desire!

Don’t worry!  You can have and easily afford your own crystals from Eurospa! We are thrilled to be bringing such goodness and freedom to your day!  Get your own menthol crystals, breathe clearer, look great and then tell us what you think!