Natural Fast Relief to Kick Sudden Nausea and Stomach Upset!

Natural Fast Relief to Kick Sudden Nausea and Stomach Upset!

You’re going throughout your day and everything is fine and then suddenly – you have a slight tinge of cramping and nausea hits! Then what? You’re left not knowing if you should get up and move, push past it or nurture it! Well we at Eurospa Aromatics have just the tips you can use to get natural fast relief for that sudden and annoying nausea.

First of all, make sure that it’s not dangerous. If your cramping is severe, localized or accompanied by any other strange or sudden symptoms, please do the right thing and see your doctor. This isn’t an area to play around with and you want to be safe.

But if what you feel is minor cramping and minor nausea, then there are some things you can do. In the case of minor situations, it’s usually due to a block in your intestinal system, a virus, bacteria or even stress.

In the case of it being a block in your system, (or any of the above reasons for that matter), try a gentle yoga sequence for digestion. This one is very helpful. The key is not to push yourself, but to twist, cleanse, bring in oxygen and move things along.

For a virus or bacteria, it’s about remaining comfortable as you wait it out and help the toxins to leave your body efficiently. One way to do this is to take activated charcoal. Talk to your local supplement specialist, Chinese medicine/Ayurvedic/Natural Medicine Practitioner for amount and frequencies. But the way it works, is that the charcoal attaches to the poison and escorts it out of your body.

As for stress, you’d be surprised at how many stomach issues are related to stress. The key here is to get still and quiet as you breathe deeply, bringing more oxygen and calm to your digestive system and blood. Try to take at least 10 slow, medium to deep breathes, aiming to stay as relaxed as possible.

Thankfully, there’s also a way to bring comfort and relief to your body and symptoms regardless of why they are there. This is through eucalyptus, heat and cooling. Here’s how:

We have formulated a eucalyptus oil shower spray that penetrates the skin and circulate throughout the body in a matter of minutes simply using steam to do so. And if you’re suffering from stomach ailments or nausea, this will come as a relief, as you likely can’t handle anything orally anyway.

All you have to do is run a hot bath or shower and add a few sprays of our ShowerMist into the actual steam, or even onto the walls of your shower area. Our Mint-Infused and Menthol-Infused ShowerMists work best for nausea. The little essential oil molecules with be activated and inhaled by you, quickly easing your pain and discomfort.  So simple and no gross syrups to drink either!

At Eurospa Aromatics, we have been providing the finest quality of eucalyptus oil products to both homes and spas alike, for over 30 years. This means that you, too, can have the same high quality of eucalyptus oil that the 5-star hotels use right in the comfort of your home. If you’re tired of using less than helpful products to feel better and are ready to experience true health and vitality, start with a powerful small step.

Get a bottle of Eucalyptus oil shower spray today. Your whole body will thank you. And in the meantime, try to rest and not stress. Stress will only make symptoms worse. Instead, trust in your body’s ability to do what it needs to do and support it along the way.

8 Tips for Beating Travel Sickness Naturally and Fast

8 Tips for Beating Travel Sickness Naturally and Fast

If you travel often, you don’t have time to get nausea, deal with headaches, or fight jet lag. You have sights to enjoy, people to see, and places to be! I travel often, and I used to get sick with even the slightest movement of the vehicle. But after much trial and error, I learned some simple tricks to beat travel sickness and enjoy my trips after all.

8 Excellent Tips for Travel Sickness

Here they are:

  1. Fresh air: No brainer, right? Yet few people do it. In a car? Roll the window down. In a plane? Turn on the fan.
  2. Cool feet: Really. Over-heated or sweaty feet can add to nausea. Remove your shoes and socks to cool off. Take it further and spritz our Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist on the bottom of your feet. This will cool your feet and directly calm your stomach.
  3. Peppermint Oil/Eucalyptus: Dab a little of either oil behind your ears, and this will ease the motion nausea.
  4. Stay Hydrated: Staying hydrated will keep you from feeling heavy or sluggish in your digestive system. However, don’t overdo it. Take small sips to prevent overwhelming your body.
  5. Avoid alcohol and sugar: Both of those cause an upset and dehydrate you.
  6. Get rest: Before, after, and during your travel, get as much rest as you can; being fatigued will only worsen your symptoms.
  7. Mint: Mint flavored gum or even a little peppermint oil in water will keep you feeling fresh and in control of your stomach.
  8. Refresh and detox: Sweating in high heart will help you release built up radiation from travel and allow you to feel refreshed. For a fast rejuvenator, use a product such as our Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist in the steam of your shower to help boost circulation, detoxification, ease muscle stiffness, and increase your ability to focus.

These simple but effective tips will keep your traveling journeys fun and healthy. Try them on your next trip and let us know how it goes.

Do you have a better travel sickness remedy? Let us know in the comments and share these tips with others!

The BEST Home Remedies to Get Rid of Nausea Fast When You Have the Flu

Flu season has officially begun, and no flu shot promises your protection. So whatever you do to try and keep it at bay, if nausea hits, you know what’s coming. No one wants to feel sick and down, much less have nausea following them around all day.

Even if you never get a full blown flu, feeling nauseous can both limit your productivity or keep you from being able to do anything at all.

We want to give you some natural ways to beat those nasty nauseous feelings and boost your immune system while you’re at it.

First of all, the best natural remedies for healing nausea and vomiting fast, usually involve essential oils. They are convenient, easy to use, and perfect for when you have an upset stomach, stomach flu, or stomach ache.

Essential oils penetrate the skin and circulate throughout the body in a matter of minutes. In addition to absorbing them through the pores, they work just as well when inhaled and dispersed through the lungs. This is great news because if you’re suffering from stomach ailments or nausea, you likely can’t handle taking medication orally anyway.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Nausea Fast When You Have the Flu

  1. The best essential oils for easing nausea are eucalyptus and mint. The best way to use them? By purchasing our Mint-Infused Eucalyptus Oil. For fast, effective help, spray the oil directly into the steam of a shower. Just spray, get in, and breathe. Let the oils do their work. This is the ideal Eucalyptus oil and mint combination that not only refreshes but keeps you healthy (and kicks the flu) as well.
  2. Another remedy is apple cider vinegar. Be sure to ask your local natural foods provider for organic, unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar (ACV), as this is the most potent and effective. Add 1-2 TBSP of the ACV to an 8 oz. glass of water. Add honey or stevia to sweeten and make the taste more palatable. Drink this every hour or two until you feel relieved.
  3. Lastly, take activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is a binder, meaning that once taken internally, it acts as a magnet for toxins, quickly absorbing and flushing them out of your system. You can find activated charcoal at most natural health and food stores.

If you’re tired of using less than helpful products to feel better and are ready to experience true health and vitality, start with a powerful small step. Our Mint-Infused Eucalyptus Oil will help you live a life free of nausea and stomach pains.

What other remedies do you use to get rid of nausea? Tell us in the comments below and share this article!