Review of Spa 88 aka Wall Street Bath and Spa – A Russian Bath House

June 14, 2013Uncategorized

Spa 88 Has Those Who Can’t Get Enough and Those Who Can’t Kvetch Enough                                                Eucalyptus Steam Room According to the website for Spa 88:  The steamroom combines the therapeutic effects of moist heat with inhalation therapy. Inside our therapists can perform several body treatments such as full body wash, scrub or Platza.   I’ve never … Read More

Amazing Complexion, Steam Facial Sauna, Eucalyptus, and Kate Moss

May 24, 2013Uncategorized

Test Question:  What Is Luxurious, Feels Fantastic, Helps Your Complexion, Calms Your Emotions, and Provides Health Benefits for Olfactory and Respiratory Systems? English: British supermodel Kate Moss Português: Supermodel inglesa Kate Moss (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Humans are funny creatures.  We are always in a mad search for the new method, the new cure, the new … Read More

50 Most Amazing Eco Spas in the World – Prevention Mag

May 17, 2013Uncategorized

The Spa at Mohonk Mountain House – Provided by How About a Little Spa Hopping Vacation – Here’s A Year’s Worth Prevention Magazine’s online effort is best known for giving you the latest bits of information on wellness and health.  But they are also expert at putting together slide shows of the best … Read More

Steam Room Benefits to Your Health and Well Being

April 17, 2013Uncategorized

Sauna benches (Photo credit: Matti Mattila) Steam Rooms Promote Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness…Even Before You Add Eucalyptus There may be some who will argue whether or not there are therapeutic benefits to steam rooms.  There are even a few who might try to prove that there may be some dangers with steam rooms.  After … Read More