Why You Should Diffuse Eucalyptus in Your Spa this Fall

Why You Should Diffuse Eucalyptus in Your Spa this Fall

The woody-sweet scent of eucalyptus is refreshing, energizing, and pleasing to many. When diffused in your spa this fall, it can be an exhilarating part of your customer’s experience.

Follow Your Nose: Scent Marketing
Think back to your most favorite holiday as a child. (Christmas or Thanksgiving, perhaps?) You can envision the lights, the sounds, and — most likely — the smells from that time of year as well. Cookies baking, peppermint candies, or even the scent of a breeze through an open window might come to mind.

That’s because the sense of smell is powerful and can stir up a memory or evoke an emotional response. And it’s the same for your customers. You can build responses and create deeper connections through scent marketing, using the sense of smell to improve customer experience, nurture brand loyalty, and increase sales.

Large retail chains diffuse scents throughout the year to influence customer behavior and set themselves apart from the competition. Diffusing eucalyptus in your spa this fall will appeal to the emotional side of your customers and make for a memorable experience, one they will want to return to again.

Breathe Easy: Seasonal Allergies
Let your guests (and you and your staff!) breathe easier as they open the doors with the use of eucalyptus. Well-known for its aromatherapeutic benefits, this essential oil can help alleviate symptoms of a variety of ailments. This includes seasonal allergies, which affect so many people as summer turns into fall. 

However, relief can be found in your diffuser with eucalyptus. This fresh, healing oil is decongestant in nature. Eucalyptus is a top choice for seasonal allergy symptom relief. Your customers will enjoy the revitalizing, sensory pleasing effects along with the health benefits allowing them to breathe easy. 

Work With Less Effort: Clean as you Steam
Some of the same properties in eucalyptus that support health and allergy relief can keep your entire spa, steam room, or sauna clean in a natural, non-toxic way. The natural properties in eucalyptus oil wipe out germs without the need for harsh chemicals. 

As a spa owner or operator, you can put these wonderful properties to work effortlessly for you. Eucalyptus oil will clean and prevent mold and mildew — while you steam! This is a benefit on top of the uplifting scent your guests will love.

If you are ready to utilize the benefits of eucalyptus in your spa, our Mystifier Automatic Injection system will help immensely! This device was developed in response to numerous requests from our customers seeking to eliminate hand spraying. Learn more here.

Beat Muscle Pain and Tension the Natural Way With These Useful Tips

Beat Muscle Pain and Tension the Natural Way With These Useful Tips

When you have muscle pain and tension, you need to handle it right away. One reason is because all that tightness can lead to other problems like spreading the pain to other muscles or even migraines. It’s common, when we feel the tension come on, to reach for the nearest pain pill we have. And while that does provide temporary relief, it doesn’t solve the problem and it does leave you with dangerous damage to your intestines, brain and stomach. So if you’d rather find a more natural and still effective alternative, try this method from us at Eurospa Aromatics, where healthy bodies are what we are committed to.

Hot & Cold Therapy
Many people wonder whether to use heat or cold to treat muscle soreness. Some people say to apply heat and others say that icing is best. We say go with both. But the only way for that to truly make sense – is that you have to understand what each temperature does for your body.

What does cold treatment do?
First, it numbs the local pain neurons, so the sense of relief is immediate. It also reduces the local tissue temperature, causing to to ease inflammation and swelling. This works through vasoconstriction, which causes the blood vessels to constrict, reducing the blood flow and release of inflammatory mediators into the site of injury. This is especially useful for serious tissue injury and muscle strains, as you will want to reduce swelling and inflammation. (If you get a shooting pain during or immediately after an exercise -you have a muscle strain).When you exercise, your blood vessels expand and stay that way for at least an hour afterward. Soreness occurs when lactic acid settles in your muscles through dilation of the vessels. However, using cold alone, isn’t enough for the healing process. Too much cold will hinder the muscle’s ability to relax.

What does heat do?
Heat relaxes the muscle, and thus contributes to faster relief of the soreness. Whether you are sore from a workout or are dealing with chronic pain, you still want to make sure you are keeping the muscle relaxed. When it comes to injuries, the muscle will be inflamed, so be sure to be using more cold than heat to make sure you don’t add to the inflammation.How do you get both? The best way, in our opinion, is to regularly (once a week is preferred) go to a sauna or steam room, being sure to take breaks to stand in a cold shower or sit in an ice pool. Alternating hot and cold will reduce inflammation and induce muscle relaxation for deeper healing. Adding the healing benefits of essential oils, such as our eucalyptus oil spray, will add cooling to the cells while the heat of the sauna or steam room efficiently relaxes. If you can’t make it to these wellness places, you can mimic the environment by simply creating an enclosed hot shower, turning it to cold and then back to hot again for a few cycles. Have the shower hot enough to raise your body temperature, but not to burn you.

Eurospa Aromatics is committed to your health and overall wellness.  We are happy to have provided you with natural solutions for muscle pain and healing. Get your own bottle of Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist and start experiencing better health today!



How To Kick That Seasonal Cold Fast and Naturally

How To Kick That Seasonal Cold Fast and Naturally

The winds are changing and seasons are in transition, which is prime time for germs and colds to abound. It’s so important to support your immune system to avoid getting taken over. But, if you still manage to end up with the dreaded seasonal cold, there are ways to kick it fast and we’re here to tell you how.

At Eurospa Aromatics, we are dedicated to your health in the most natural ways possible. So please enjoy these natural and simple home remedies for faster healing!

Steam Inhalation
This is definitely the most popular method that relieves sinus inflammation, clears nasal congestion and soothes respiratory blockages as well. For doing this, you need to fill a small tub or a large bowl to about 3/4th of its capacity with hot water. Next, add some eucalyptus oil, either a few drops or a few sprays of Eucalyptus Shower Mist, to the water. Now, bow your head above the tub/pot of fragrant water and drape a towel over your head to create a smaller space for the steam to be trapped in near your face. Keep your mouth closed and breathe in deep so that the eucalyptus essence-laden steam reaches deep inside the nose and the upper respiratory tract. This method is very effective in providing relief from inflammation of the sinuses and blood vessels inside the nasal cavity, soothing nasal congestion and sinus headache.

Hot Lemon Tea
This one is simple. Warm a mug of hot water and add the juice of 1/2 a lemon to it. Add honey, stevia or agave to taste, to balance the bitter with some sweet. Stay away from sugar to sweeten, as this will feed any potential infection and you are trying to get rid of it! Lastly, add about 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper to the mix for a spicy kick.  You can always add more if you like more spice, but add it little by little.  It builds up fast! The cayenne increases blood flow, reduces pain and strengthens the immune system.

Licorice Root
Licorice tea has been a reliable source of relief for a long time. Don’t be confused, this dependable herb is far from the candy you may know it to be. An often underestimated herb, licorice is quite potent and has been used to treat ailments from tendonitis and ulcers to HIV and fungal infections. With that said, it’s not a surprise that this powerful herb can kill infection while offering quick (and delicious) sore throat relief!  Go to any store that sells tea and you are sure to find it easily!

Essential Oils
Grab a bottle of peppermint or eucalyptus oil and simply inhale. You’ll be surprised at how fast your sinuses will clear! Additionally, both essential oils have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, so inhaling their constituents will also help to heal you. But keep reading to find out even more ways to use the healing power of eucalyptus!

These short tips are sure to bring you a much more comfortable night and a faster road to recovery for your sore throat. Eurospa stands behind the quality of our products and we are happy to serve you in the same way we’ve served homes and spas all over for the last 30 years! Let us know today how we can make your life healthier and better!

Revue Brooks Massage Therapy – Los Angeles Has a New York Russian Style Spa

Revue Brooks Massage Therapy – Los Angeles Has a New York Russian Style Spa


In reading over the reviews of Brooks Message Therapy, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the wild and crazy New York spa that we reviewed earlier, Spa 88 aka Wall Street Bath and Spa – A Russian Bath House. The decor is variously described as “like something you would see in communist Russia,” to “‘Hippy-Dippy’ in the decor department and is a bit funky here and there [fake ivy with faux butterflies].” 

Like any message therapy business, you have various therapists with different approaches.  However, there appears to be a couple of Russian fellows that . . .  well, let the reviewer tell it:

All I can equate my therapist to is a Soviet era nuclear armed sub with a crew chanting the mantra “Search and destroy!”

“You feel knot here?” is the last thing I remember.  With each knot targeted, the sub-aquatic warheads were launched.  My warped and gnarled back gave out it’s last bit of form and became a puddle of post-meat-grinder refuse.  If you are into the philosophy of anthropomorphism and  are curious how it might feel to be a speed-bag under barrage of Mohammad Ali then I recommend Brooke’s with 5-stars.  I suffer from no such curiosities, so I’ll resign to the rating I gave.  I managed to hobble into the shower after what I now look back on as a near death experience.  I washed off the lotion and managed to stumble back to the locker room and hang my clothes off my limp body.

In all fairness, that was one of two massages I got at Brooke’s.  The other was with a nice young white fellow named Tim.  Perhaps because he’s a more toothpickish guy and doesn’t have muscles forged in the crimson fires of the KGB gauntlet camps, the massage was amazing, and left me feeling great.

If you ever go to Brooke’s, ask for Tim!

Brooks Message Therapy Offers a Eucalyptus Steam Room
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This review in Yelp was not the only one to speak of the hand strength of a couple of the therapists.  But all the others seemed to be very happy to have had their knots thoroughly expunged. 

The ratings across the internet seemed to show that Brooks Message Therapy has served the community well for many decades.  If you’re looking for a no frills spa with excellent messages, and sauna and steam rooms (the steam room is deliciously scented by eucalyptus for both aromatic and healing propoerties), then this is the place for you.

Eucalyptus Steam Rooms at Pure Blue Spa Get Rave Reviews

Eucalyptus Steam Rooms at Pure Blue Spa Get Rave Reviews

Pure Blue Spa in Newport Beach CA Located in the Newport Beach Marriot

Here is how the folks at Pure Blue Spa describe themselves:

Step Into The Blu

There is just something about the O.C. pure blu captures that mystique, that indefinable quality that combines the quiet mystery of the sea and the vibrant energy of the sun. Through tranquil massages and indulgent spa treatments, pure blu helps you capture the mystery for yourself.
pure blu at the Newport Beach Marriott is a full-service spa in every sense of the word. We indulge every body part, from head to toe, and we also revive your spirit and awaken your senses. From our Eucalyptus steam room or dry sauna, to our saltwater whirlpool Jacuzzi and refreshing cold foot plunge. Take a swim in our saltwater lap pool, reserved for spa guests only, surrounded by plush lounge chairs and cabanas. From our massages and body wraps to our facials and full salon services, we cater to your every need in our Southern California spa. Let us pamper you. Step into the blu.

Spa week had this to say about Pure Blue Spa in Newport Beach, CA:

About Pure Blu Spa at the Newport Beach Marriott

Pure Blu Spa boasts 14,000 square feet of spa luxury! Pure Blu is separated into a Ladies and a Men’s side and each side of the spa has a eucalyptus steam room, dry sauna, salt water whirlpool jacuzzi, refreshing cold water foot plunge, private and co-ed relaxation rooms, private (spa only) outdoor swimming pool with lounge chairs, cabanas and poolside food and beverage service! *robes, slippers and lockers are provided for your convenience. Spa services include complementary valet or self parking and require a 4 hour change or cancellation notice (or appointments are charged in full).

The Yelp reviews were very interesting.  The Spa got generally high marks (averaging 3.5 out of 5), with most of the negative reviews coming from guests who were there on a Groupon or other coupon.  Of special interest to this blog, the eucalyptus steam room was mentioned favorably in almost half of the reviews.  It is very unusual to see so many comments on the steam room.  But the eucalyptus seems to be the difference.  Here were some representative examples. 

Review from

Irvine, CA


So, it’s safe to say that I’m a spa junkie. I especially love full service day spas with relaxation rooms and eucalyptus steam rooms. I’ve come here a few times and taken advantage of some of their specials. My first visit, I had a deep tissue massage and boy was that different from any massage I’ve had before. To begin, it was with a male masseuse who worked my muscles harder than a triathlon. Amazingly enough, I felt better and more limber afterwards. I’ve also had a facial and a body scrub here on different occasions. Each time I had a great experience. I LOVE their steam room. It is spacious, clean and smells great.

Review from

Irvine, CA


Me and my sister came in here on a weekday morning for a facial and massage.  my massage was good, my sister RAVED about the facial.  Was happy with the spa and its amenities overall.  Everything was very clean, stocked well with towels and cucumber water.  We were the only ones there for the whole time we were there and we stayed a couple hours after our appointments.  THe jacuzzi was nice and indoors, the eucalyptus steam room, and cool foot bath was great. 

Elise W.
Irvine, CA 

I like the wet sauna (steam room) at Pure Blu more than the one at Burke Williams because PB infuses the steam with eucalyptus scent.  As a girl with allergies, I found this delightful.  If I would come back, it’s for this steam room.