5 Worst Steam Rooms in America

5 Worst Steam Rooms in America

A Great Eucalyptus Steam Room Is a Touch of Heaven.  These 5 Miss the Mark

There are a few things in life that leave a memory that touches virtually every sense.  Think 73 degree 7 mph breeze overlooking the blue pacific while sipping something cold.  Or maybe a perfectly hit baseball or golf ball.  Add to the short list a baby’s first smile.  These are moments you can drink in and savor.  Moments that you’ll remember for years into the future.  For some, a beautifully designed steam bath with the healing scent of eucalyptus would be on their list.  There is something about drinking the steam and essential oil into what seems like every part of your body that provides perfect pleasure to virtually every sensory organ.

Unfortunately, there are some steam rooms in gyms, spas, or hotels that seem to get the short end of the straw.  The potential for an amazing time of relaxing turns into mumbling and consternation.  We are sorry if you thought we were going to name names here.  No can do.  However, we encourage you to do it for us.  Leave the names of your worst steam room experiences in the comments.  Maybe they will send a wake up call.

1.  Obviously the worst steam rooms are those who don’t bother to inject eucalyptus oil into the steam.  The cost is truly miniscule.  Less than $3 a day.  Why would any company fail to provide this healthy benefit to their clients.  Some of the other issues below would also be solved with the use of eucalyptus oil.

2.  Instead of smelling like eucalyptus, the steam room smells like . . . dirty laundry.  Warm wet places attract mildew, and we all know what that smells like.  The good news is that Eucalyptus oil is a known antibacterial and anti fungal agent.  In other words, it destroys mildew.

3.  Your visual senses will not appreciate seeing mold in a steam room.  See #2 for the reason there might be mold and for the solution.  Eucalyptus oil to the rescue again.

4.  The room isn’t large enough to accommodate the crowd they try to pack in there.  Steam rooms are not enhanced by close contact with others.

5.  Loud steam generators.  Just when your reaching nirvana, the steam comes on with a huge gasp.  This isn’t necessary.  There are steam machines that don’t sound like the flush toilets on an airplane.

We could get nit picky about outdated look, worn out facilities, policies regarding co-ed, not co-ed, clothing optional or not.  None of those will ruin the mood, so we haven’t included them in our list.  If you know the folks at your spa or gym and they aren’t using eucalyptus oil in the steam, tell them about our under $3-a-day solution.  Send them to https://eurospaaromatics.com

If you do steam at home or want to get as close as possible in your shower, we now offer a choice of 8 ounce or 16 ounce spray mist bottles of 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil direct from our factory.  You can order by calling us at 1-800-395-6478.  (8 oz is only $29.95 + s/h)

This oil, by the way, is the very same oil as we ship to the top luxury hotels and spas all over the US.  They learned long ago that the way to make a steam room perfect is to add Eucalyptus oil. 

15 Reasons You Need Eucalyptus Oil in Your Home

15 Reasons You Need Eucalyptus Oil in Your Home

Only a Smart Phone Has More Beneficial Uses in Your Home, and a Year’s Supply of Eucalyptus Oil will only Cost You $29.95.  

I stare at the little block of aluminum, glass and electronics in my hand and I marvel.  The phone, computer, camera, video camera, radio, TV, movie player, music device, flashlight, and clock is the invention of a generation.  Of course, most amazing of all is that the list above only scratches the surface of uses for a smart phone.

Amazingly, nature has provided us with a product that can go almost toe-to-toe with the smart phone for useful benefits to mankind.  The mighty eucalyptus tree doesn’t get the kind of press that iPhones and Galaxies get, but that isn’t for lack of value.  Here are the top 17 reasons for keeping an 8 oz spray bottle of 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil in your home.  (BTW – The uses for the tree itself are not even included here, but can be found here.)

  1. Anti bacterial – kills bacteria and prevents return
  2. Anti fungal – kills fungus (many types) and inhibits return
  3. Cold remedy – reduces symptoms.  May speed recover and/or help prevent colds
  4. Helps with respiratory inflamation 
  5. Helps to prevent staph infections
  6. Analgesic effect – For any tired or overused muscle, including feet
  7. Mosquito Repellant – 2nd only to DEET
  8. Steam Room Improvement – Works as anti-fungal, anti bacterial, decongestant, analgesic, aromatherapy, and just smells good.
  9. Use in hot shower or facial sauna – Same benefits as steam room.
  10. Cat repellant – Can harm cats, but used properly will keep strays away.
  11. Cold Sore remedy – apply early to stop formation
  12. Aromatherapy – One of the most beneficial essential oils for various aromatherapeutic effects
  13. Reduce symptoms of COPD
  14. Cures athlete’s feet – Maybe ringworm, jock itch and other similar issues
  15. Overcomes addition to cigarettes – the study also found reduced craving for chocolate.  Use eucalyptus oil at your own risk regarding chocolate. 

We have chosen to list only those uses for which there has been some scientific evidence of usefulness, or where the product has been in active use for years, decades or centuries for the purpose listed.

Our 100% pure eucalyptus oil is not currently available in stores.  It is used by many of the top spas in the world, gyms, and baths for steam rooms and sometimes saunas.

We are now making an 8 oz and 16 oz bottle available to you on a direct basis from our factory in Long Beach.   This is exactly the same 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil that is used in the spas noted throughout this blog.


To purchase the product, please give us a call at 1-800-395-6478.  We have the 8 oz bottle available for $29.95.  If you have a steam room in your home, you may prefer the 16 oz bottle, which we sell for just $54.95.  All major credit cards accepted.  

Best Spa on Maui, Top Ten in US, the Spa Grand at the Grand Wailea

Best Spa on Maui, Top Ten in US, the Spa Grand at the Grand Wailea


Spa Grand at the Grand Wailea Just South of Kihei on Maui Is Noted for It’s Water Treatments, Including the Eucalyptus Steam Room

Having just oohed and aahed about the amazing online reviews for the Waihua Spa, Ritz Carlton, Kapalua near Lahaina, Maui, we turn our attention to another Maui spa just an hours drive south in Wailea.  In this case, there are hundreds of reviews, and having read most of them, the only negatives seemed to be the occasional bad massage, or the chance situation where something wasn’t working right.

There were some who wished for less nudity or more nudity in the ladies section, and those who wished the eucalyptus steam room, saunas, and other relaxtion areas were co-ed (they’re not).  But the overall score was again over 4.5 out of 5 stars, and the difference seemed to be the number of therapies available, including the five specialty baths and the Terme Hydrotherapy Circuit.

The Five Specialty Baths at the Spa Grand

Voted “Top 10 Spas in the United States” by Condé Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure magazines, Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea is the best spa on Maui and one of the most luxurious resort spas in Hawaii. Spa Grande offers a wide array of treatments that reflect a balance between the traditions of the east, west and ancient Hawaii. Experience a harmonious infusion with one common goal – to unite one’s inner wellness and outer beauty. There is no Maui resort spa like it.

These reviews give a flavor of the 300 or more that you can go peruse if you so choose.

You can now enjoy to luxury of eucalyptus oil in a regular shower, too.  Buy our 8 ounce spray bottle of 100% pure pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil for you home shower or steam room.

From Yelp


I did quite a bit of spa browsing and deliberating before I settled on Spa Grande and I was so glad I did.  “Settled” is the wrong word because it was wonderful.  What definitely sold me was the fact that their hydrotherapy circuit was included with any treatment.  I’m a sucker for any and all hydrotherapy and I was not disappointed.  You are given an hour to spend between multiple pools, including “five aromatic baths, a Japanese Furo Bath, a Cascading Waterfall Massage, the Roman Hot Tub, a Cold Plunge Pool, a Swiss Jet Shower, or Eucalyptus Steam and a Redwood Sauna.”  I ran out of time and didn’t even make it into the Roman tub, steam or sauna rooms or the cold plunge pool because I was enjoying the five baths and waterfall way too much.  My favorite salt bath was definitely the Maui bath (coconut and blue sea salt), but they were all amazing.  I couldn’t believe it when my hour was up; I’d definitely go back another time and pay the fee that allows you use of all the pools.  I had the Island Flowers body wrap/scrub treatment and loooooved it.  Mariah was amazing and so friendly, I’d definitely recommend requesting her.

Malu Y.

Makawao, HI


Some friends and I wanted to relax in luxury without breaking the bank so we decided to purchase the 2-hour terme hydrotherapy package at Spa Grande.  Although, we weren’t able to partake in massages and facials, the terme baths did not disappoint.  There are 5 different essential oil/mineral soaking baths, 2 jacuzzi/cold plunges (one Western style and one Japanese style), a sauna, a Eucalyptus-scented steam room, 3 waterfall showers, and 2 needle showers.  The spa is spacious and very relaxing.  The staff is very helpful and friendly – they didn’t seem to notice that my friends and I stayed in the spa an extra 40 minutes after our 2 hours we up.  Also, be sure to take advantage of the upstairs lanai – you’ll get an incredible ocean view.  If you’re local, be sure to claim your kamaaina discount.  The 2-hour terme packages comes to $50 once the kamaaina discount is applied, and it comes with a complimentary mini body scrub.
From TripAdvisor
5 of 5 starsReviewed February 24, 2013
We received this spa treatment as a wedding gift from my daughters, and it is definitely a gift that we will never forget! We arrived just in time for our Hot Stone Massage, so we didn’t have time to enjoy the Terme Hydrotherapy Circuit before our massage. The massage was very relaxing, and very enjoyable! After our massage, the young man at the Front Desk spoke with his manager, and was able to get a 2-hour visit for us to the Hydrotherapy area, and we used it the next day….wow!!…what a treat, and what great service! This young man went above and beyond! This is certainly something you will want to do….from the salt baths, to the eucalyptus steam room, to the whirlpool and sauna, and the Swiss jet and waterfall showers….and take your time to enjoy it! This Spa is well worth it!
Review – The Four Seasons Spa, Scottsdale at Troon North

Review – The Four Seasons Spa, Scottsdale at Troon North

Become One with the Environment at the Four Seasons Spa.


Scottsdale is the Bel Air of the Sonoran Desert.  Located just Northeast of Phoenix, it has come to be known as the destination of the pampered classes.
The Four Seasons Hotels are also known for locating their charming resorts in the best playlands on earth.  No exception here.  In writing this review, the words seemed

inadequate, and I really just wanted to resort to pictures. 

The spa has picked up on the aura of both the desert setting and the clients they serve.  Examples of the spa services include:

Jojoba and prickly pear polish

This full-body exfoliation combines deeply penetrating jojoba oil with the healing properties of prickly pear to leave the skin smooth and moisturised.

Sonoran honey body polish

A Sonoran honey and refreshing orange sugar scrub is used in this vigorous and effective body exfoliation.

The reviews online were sparse, but all save one were gushing with praise for the facility and the staff.  The lone negative reviewer may have merely shown up on a day where either a staff member or the reviewer, herself was in a bad mood.  

The Four Seasons Spa is pricey, and they would probably be the first to acknowledge that.  You are paying for the setting, the outstanding personnel, the unique service offerings, and the option of spending time before and after enjoying other hotel amenities. 

, writing for online mag, sheknows.com in the beauty and style section, had this to say about the Four Season Spa in Scottsdale:

Nestled North of the Valley in the tranquil Arizona desert, Four Seasons Troon North is a safe haven for women in need of some ‘me time.’ From the moment I stepped on the grounds, I was impressed. I was encouraged to use their fitness room, go hike nearby Pinnacle Peak or spend the rest of my day lounging in a cabana by their sky-blue pool. It really made the entire day memorable! But, I was most impressed by the professional attitude of everyone I encountered. They really made me feel welcome and special!

 Of course, as with any proper spa, this one offers a eucalyptus steam room.  The 100% pure eucalyptus oil is injected directly into the steam to provide a perfect harmony of soothing essential oil and steam.  Every part of your body will thank you for spending time in their steam room. 

For more information on Eucalyptus Oil in handy home size shower mist or commercial quantities visit https://eurospaaromatics.com

Review of Spa 88 aka Wall Street Bath and Spa – A Russian Bath House

Review of Spa 88 aka Wall Street Bath and Spa – A Russian Bath House

Spa 88 Has Those Who Can’t Get Enough and Those Who Can’t Kvetch Enough

                                               Eucalyptus Steam Room

According to the website for Spa 88:  The steamroom combines the therapeutic effects of moist heat with inhalation therapy. Inside our therapists can perform several body treatments such as full body wash, scrub or Platza. 

 I’ve never been to a Russian bath house, but apparently you don’t want to compare this to the luxury spas we’ve been reviewing elsewhere in this blog.  Also, this is NY, not Maui or Orange County.  Some of the reviewers kindly note that Spa 88 is a “little rough around the edges.”  There is talk of “hairy old Russian Men.”  Then an old Russian man reviews the place and says “What do you expect?”

Though there are detractors, there appears to be a very large crowd of those who love the place and come regularly.  So much so that Saturdays are described as “crowded.”

One thing comes through all of the talk.  It would appear that hairy old Russian men and young girls can agree on this:  Eucalyptus Oil is important in the steam room.  As Joana K says, “my sinuses never felt so clear…”


4 hours passed before I knew it, and we ended up closing the place down. The wet steam room had eucalyptus in the air so my sinuses never felt so clear as they did after several minutes there.

This was my first banya experience. 

I’m glad we did because I loved it there.  The steam room was so refreshing and in one of the rooms, there were regulars there who go every saturday.  One man, who I’m assuming is a masseur, was giving massages to people who had some injuries.  He also brought his own body scrub, oils, etc and taught people how to use them to exfoliate and improve their banya experience.  It was fun meeting all these different people and relaxing at the same time.


WOW. This place is suberb.

My sister and I went into the locker rooms, changed into our bathing suits and put our robes on. We first went into the dry sauna. This was freaking HOT. I sat on the first ledge and it was already hot after 7 minutes of lying down. I decided to go outside to cool myself down. After cooling down for a good 10 minutes, I went into the eucalyptus steam room and chilled there for 10 minutes, alternating 10 minutes in the steam room with 5 minutes cooling off near the benches.

I did this 3 times. The eucalyptus steam room has to be my favorite room since it’s not too hot nor too weak. They steam the room real good cause when I walked in there I could barely see anything that was 2 feet away from me. I love the minty smell you get from the room. A bonus is you can bring your own products and apply them to your body (as long as you don’t make a mess of the whole area).