What Happened at ISPA Won’t Stay at ISPA

October 21, 2014Uncategorized

Take Eucalyptus Steam Room Experience Home to the Shower SPA Show in Las Vegas creates huge excitement for EuroSpa 100% pure eucalyptus oil! Overwhelming response! No show like this ever before! So glad we came!! We’ve advertised in industry trade publications. We’ve sent letters. We’ve made phone calls. We’ve even sent unsolicited samples. For some … Read More

Exposed – Eucalyptus Oil Does Not Cure This

June 21, 2013Uncategorized

Eucalyptus Oil May Cure Respiratory Diseases, Malaria, Chocolate Addiction, and Cat Trespasses, but Studies have not yet Shown Any Benefit in Using Eucalyptus Oil for Everything . . . at Least Not Yet! We have shown elsewhere on this blog that Eucalyptus works at least two ways to help combat and even eliminate malaria.  The … Read More