3 Amazing Mint Benefits You Have to Try

3 Amazing Mint Benefits You Have to Try

If you haven’t experienced the incredible healing mint oil benefits, you’re missing out. There are some very common ailments that most of us are familiar with that can be solved or relieved via treatment with mint. Some of these common complaints include body pain, fatigue, and low spirits. We’ve all had those from time to time.

And they always show up at the worst possible moments, when you really can’t afford to miss out on life. So why not learn about the incredible benefits of mint and the relief it offers, and get back to your life.

3 Rejuvenating Mint Benefits

The power of mint is helpful for:

1. Restores respiratory health

The strong aroma of mint is very effective in clearing up congestion of the nose, throat, bronchi, and lungs, that often results from asthma and the common cold. As mint cools and soothes the throat, nose, and other respiratory channels, it relieves the irritation which causes chronic coughing. This is the reason why several balms are mint-based. Unlike the inhalers that are based on aerosols, mint-based solutions tend to be more effective and eco-friendly as well.

2. Relieves nausea and headache

Again, the strong and refreshing aroma of mint is a quick and effective remedy for nausea. Even just the smell of mint oil or freshly crushed mint leaves can alleviate your stomach issues. In fact, many people keep menthol oil or mint-flavored products with them at all times to avoid nausea. Balms with a mint base or basic mint oil, when rubbed on the forehead and nose, give quick relief in case of a headache. Mint is a naturally soothing substance so it can alleviate the inflammation and temperature rise that is often associated with headaches and migraines.

3. Reduces depression and fatigue

Mint is a natural stimulant, and the smell alone can be enough to charge your batteries and get your brain functioning at peak capacity again. If you’re feeling sluggish, anxious, depressed, or simply exhausted, mint can help. It can be ingested, applied topically in a salve form, or inhaled as a vapor, giving you a much-needed boost! A popular way to get good results easily is to put a few drops of mint essential oil or menthol oil on your pillow at night and let it work on your body and mind while you sleep.

Get the Benefits of Mint Now

The above ailments are among the most commonly experienced, but mint’s power doesn’t stop there. Check out our Mint-Infused Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist for use anywhere you can think of: in the shower or bath, topically, or diffused into the air. Find the peace that mint-infused essential oils provide.

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The Top 3 Natural Sore Throat Remedies For Rapid Relief!

A sore throat can be the main symptom of your cold or just one of many. No matter how it arrives, it’s uncomfortable and a stubborn nuisance. But there are natural ways to kick the beast fast, and we want to share them with you.

Of course, prevention is the biggest secret to long-term health, but there are many natural remedies to compliment your preventative lifestyle choices.

3 Top Natural Sore Throat Remedies For Rapid Relief

  1. Lemon tea: At the first sign of your sore throat, heat up some water to a comfortable heat. Add the juice of half a lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper. To make it sweeter, add a natural option like stevia or raw honey. Drink 1 – 3 times per day or as needed!
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar: Similar to the above drink but a stronger flavor. Add 2 tbsp of the vinegar to about 8 oz of water. Sweeten as needed. It doesn’t taste as good, but it’s very efficient at killing bacteria and viruses while supporting your body’s fast healing.
  3. Eucalyptus and other menthol vapors: We all remember our parents rubbing vapor rub on our chests when we were struck with the cold, and we also remember how it relieved that burning feeling in our throat, nose, and lungs. Run a hot shower, and spritz our Eucalyptus ShowerMist into the steam for the best results.

Eucalyptus is refreshing, stimulating and a powerful, long-lasting oil with a very nostalgic aroma. It’s a must-have for every family medicine cabinet, due to it’s antibacterial and antiviral healing potency.

In addition to sore throat relief, other benefits of eucalyptus include:

  • Respiratory aid with a strong influence on breathing and regenerating lung tissue/function.
  • Stimulates oxygen uptake in our cell tissues and increases circulation. Increased oxygenation in the lungs promotes the cleansing and repair function of red blood cells.
  • Eucalyptus eases inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes, as well as nasal congestion.
  • Eucalyptus helps to relieve fevers. Useful in cool compresses; apply to the forehead, back of the neck, over the kidneys and pelvic region. Only a small amount is needed.

You can get relief naturally, today. There’s nothing to lose, except that sore throat.

Feeling better yet? Let us know how you conquer sore throats in the comments and show us some love with a share!

WholeHealthMD Shows Health Benfits of Eucalyptus as Treatment

WholeHealthMD Shows Health Benfits of Eucalyptus as Treatment

Smart Panda Munching on Eucalyptus in Steam Room

 Eucalyptus Oil Recognized as Effective in Treating Wide Range of Health Conditions

Buried online is the following table from WholeHealthMD.com .  If this is any indication of the quality of the rest of their site, we can only hope there seo (search engine optimization) will improve.
The chart shows a rating system regarding the current state of science regarding the use of Eucalyptus
for various conditions.  This is then backed up by footnotes as shown in the explanation box.

If you would like to see much more on each of these conditions and the effectiveness of eucalyptus in various forms as an effective treatment, please visit their eucalyptus page. 


Preliminary evidence indicates benefit in a mixture with other essential oils, but form of administration was not adequately described. (16)
Long history of use and preliminary evidence indicates efficacy as anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic. (5-7, 9-10)
Long history of use and preliminary evidence indicates efficacy as astringent, expectorant and anti-inflammatory. (5-8)

Long history of use and preliminary evidence indicates antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and expectorant effects. (5-10)
Cuts and Scrapes  
Preliminary laboratory studies indicate antiseptic properties effective in wound healing. (8, 14-15)
Long history of use and preliminary evidence indicates efficacy as expectorant. (11-13)

Long history of use and preliminary evidence indicates antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and expectorant effects. (5-10)

Gum Disease  
Several studies indicate efficacy in preventing plaque build-up. Conflicting evidence indicates no more efficacious than conventional toothpaste for existing plaque and gingivitis. More study is needed. (17-20)
Sinusitis   Long history of use and preliminary research indicates strong antibacterial properties. (5-8)

Ailments Dosage
Breathe in steam made from 1 or 2 drops oil added to pan of near-boiling water or a commercial steam inhaler. Or drink 2 cups tea a day.
Breathe in steam made from 1 or 2 drops oil added to pan of near-boiling water or a commercial steam inhaler. Or drink 2 cups tea a day.
Add a few drops of oil to a pan of hot water; cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam.
Cuts and Scrapes Clean the wound thoroughly. Apply a few drops of Eucalyptus oil to the affected area.
Breathe in steam made from 5 or 6 drops oil added to pan of near-boiling water or a commercial steam inhaler. Or drink 2-4 cups of Eucalyptus infusion a day.
Breathe in steam made from 1 or 2 drops oil added to pan of near-boiling water or a commercial steam inhaler. Or drink 2 cups tea a day.
Gum Disease
Massage several drops of commercially diluted oil into your gums with your finger. Or use a toothpaste with Eucalyptus oil.
Muscle Aches and Pains
Rub several drops of commercially diluted oil into the skin. Or soak in an herbal bath made by running the bath water through a cheesecloth-wrapped handful of Eucalyptus leaves.
Breathe in steam made from 1 or 2 drops oil added to pan of near-boiling water or a commercial steam inhaler. Or drink 2 cups tea a day.

Date Published: 4/19/2005
Date Reviewed: 8/3/2010

You may want to try keeping an 8 oz bottle of 100% pure pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil in your medicine cabinet to have handy for any of the suggested treatments.  It is also just fantastic for spraying into the steam before you enter your shower.

To purchase a spray bottle, head over to Amazon.com at

Rave Reviews for Montanya Spa in Santa Ana and the Eucalyptus Steam Room

Rave Reviews for Montanya Spa in Santa Ana and the Eucalyptus Steam Room

The Steam Room at the Montanya Spa Is Named the Eucalyptus Steam Room

We continue our series with a spa located in the city.  Anyone living or working near Santa Ana can quickly move into relax mode at this highly rated facility.  Of course, their Eucalyptus Steam Room uses only Suprema Brand 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade, Eucalyptus Oil.   We’ll shut up now and let others tell about their experience.

Spafinder says:

Montanya Spa aims to help guests achieve the perfect union of beauty, balance, and wellbeing. The 3,000-square-foot spa features nine treatment rooms, a steam room, showers, a locker room, meditation room, garden, and patio. Tranquil music plays in the Japanese-style spa, accented with tan and olive green hues. The garden is full of rosemary, gardenia, and orange blossom scents. After treatments, guests can relax in the meditation room, or out on the patio and garden area. Services offered include facials, massage, body treatments, hair removal, hand and foot treatments, and men’s treatments.

The spa also accommodates spa group events and spa packages, and hosts special events such as ladies’ spa days, engagement spa parties, bridal showers, baby showers, and birthday parties. Tea and biscotti are available for guests, as well as other goodies for special events or with certain spa packages.”

The reviews for Montanya Spa are almost universally excellent 5 star as you can see from the screen shot.  I selected this one from TripAdvisor.com because it was matter of fact and gave a straight from the shoulder report.

“Tranquil and serene spa in Orange County
5 of 5 starsReviewed June 23, 2012
I booked a 55min Couple’s massage for myself and my mom as a surprise Mother’s Day gift. Came on Saturday before Mother’s Day and it was an absolutely great experience.

We got to use steam room before the massage and relaxed in their little tea house in the garden (another small but important little gem that you don’t find in many private day spas)

The receptionist served us tea with biscotti (their signature tea) that helped us enjoy the experience even more.

Their couple’s room in on the second floor. Our massage therapists (Kathie & Evelin) were wonderful. I had Kathie, and she really worked on my trouble spots, which left me feeling so relaxed.

After our massages, we were shown to their meditation room where they served us water and neck warmers.

My mom couldn’t stop talking about her experience and hopefully we can back on a more frequent basis.

I definitely will be back to try their facial services as next time around. 

The amazing healing powers of eucalyptus oil from the laboratories of Eurospa Aromatics will soon be available in Spas all over the US.  In the meantime you can get an 8 oz or 16 oz spray bottle to use in your home shower by calling 1-800-395-6478
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Study shows Eucalyptus Oil to benefit COPD sufferers

Study shows Eucalyptus Oil to benefit COPD sufferers

In a German study published in 2009, Eucalyptus Oil (cineole) was found to benefit patients with chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD).  The study of 242 COPD patients found that Eucalyptus Oil actively controlled airway inflammation.

The study was conducted over a 6 month period.  The frequency, severity and duration of worsening symptoms diminished significantly when compared with the group receiving the placebo.  Improvement of lung function, reduction in shortness of breath and general quality of life was statistically significant when compared with the placebo group.

Consider how much your clients will appreciate an improvement in their “general quality of life” every time they visit your steam room or sauna and breathe in the benefits of EuroSpa Eucalyptus Oil Blends!  Your maintenance personnel will thank you for making their job easier too.

Respiratory Research 2009

These collective findings underline that cineole not only reduces exacerbation rate but also provides clinical benefits as manifested by improved airflow obstruction, reduced severity of dyspnea and improvement of health status. Therefore, cineole can provide a useful treatment option for symptomatic patients with COPD in addition to treatment according to the guidelines. These results have to be seen in context with socio-economic aspects. As COPD is an extremely costly disease and a cause of major financial and social burden concomitant therapy with cineole can be recommended, especially due to the lack of relevant side effects and relatively low cost. The results of our study provide good evidence that cineole will show benefits as additional therapeutic regimen in patients with COPD. These findings correspond to the interpretation of the efficacy-study with Carbocysteine but not with Acetylcysteine, because this medication did not show a significant reduction of exacerbations [22,23] .