How to Have the Best Summer of Your Life

How to Have the Best Summer of Your Life

Summertime is the favorite season of many people, and for good reason. Summer vacations, family barbecues, and a sense of community make this time fun. But what if you don’t know what to do with the time you may have off from work and normal life? How do you make the most of your summer? Here are some great tips:

How to have the best summer of your life

Spend time with family & friends

Summertime offers plenty of excuses for family get-togethers. Call up family and friends that live nearby for a weekend barbecue. Come up with a weekly meeting for a time with friends to catch up and doing something fun. And make a point to stick with your plans.

For households, set aside time during the weekends for a family movie or game night. If you have kids, spend time with them to let them know you’re happy they have time off from school.

It’s not more likely than summertime (besides the holidays perhaps) that people will have free time, so make the most of it.

Spend time in nature

Nature has a lot to offer with the warmer weather, so take advantage of sunny days and enjoy the outdoors.

Plan trips to the beach or a lake. Take walks in the sand during sunset. Ride a bike in the woods, or around your neighborhood. Go camping up in the mountains.

There is so much to do in this beautifully designed world. So don’t let it pass you by.

Spend time on yourself

Wherever you are in life, it’s always a good idea to work on improving yourself.

Self-improvement can take many forms. One way is improving your career. This could mean asking for a raise, learning new ways to do your job better, or gaining new experience. You can also improve your perspective on life.

Another way is improving your health. Summer is the perfect time to start new habits to refresh and reinvigorate your body. Start an exercise routine, clean up your diet, or play a sport in a rec league. Or if you’re looking to relax, treat yourself to a home spa with our Citrus-Infused Eucalyptus Oil.

Use the summer to work on any aspect of your life that you feel is lacking or needs improvement. There’s no time like now to do it.

Spend time in your community

With the spare time you may find yourself with, why not use it to serve others around you?

There is always someone who needs a helping hand. You could volunteer at a church, serve at a soup kitchen, help clean up a local park or give your time to a local charity.

Giving away your time to others is one of the single most satisfying actions possible. Helping your fellow man and woman is not only a noble gesture but also a unique way to meet new people. And these people could end up being friends for the rest of your life.

Don’t miss out on the best summer of your life

Whatever you do, don’t waste the time you have. Use it wisely and productively. That’s where you’ll find satisfaction in your summer.

How do you spend your time in the summer? Let us know in the comments below, and help others enjoy the season by sharing!

Dreading the Holidays? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Enjoy Them & Recover!

Dreading the Holidays? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Enjoy Them & Recover!

Being around family isn’t easy. Some people love it, some people hate it and others just do it because they’re supposed to. If it’s a torture to you, we want to give you an idea for recovering from it that you’ll love. And if you’d like to enjoy it, we’ve got some tips to share there too.

Have a better holiday than the years before and come out feeling good about it. Here’s how:

Remember the truth: This time is temporary and this is your family. You didn’t choose them, but here they are. Love the good inside them and don’t waste your time arguing. You’re not likely to change anyone’s opinions so don’t bother. If they need to think or act differently that’s their own growth to go through. They’ll grow much faster if you sit back and love them.

Simple Conversation: Avoid talking about major issues, family grudges, politics and personal choices. Talk about simple things like music, the books you’re reading, family vacations or the latest movies. And if the complex topics arise, refer to the last point. Don’t waste your time trying to prove something to anyone. It’s always a dead end or painful experience.

Find Kindness: Look for ways to be kind. Compliment people. Listen carefully and attentively to the other person. (If you’re not bothering to argue or convince them of anything, this should be easy to do, and good practice for your communication skills!) Take it further and look for opportunities to tell people why you appreciate them and what you admire about them. This is sure to up-level the mood in the air.

Recover: It’s no easy task handling family. When you’re done, you want to go home, fall on the couch and put your feet up. So do it. But upgrade the experience. All that effort and conversation (and avoiding arguments) can make you tense and tired. So make sure you have a couple bottles of our Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist, because this will calm your muscles, nerves and mood down so fast. Run a hot shower and spritz a couple sprays into the steam. Get in and just stand there. Breathe. Aromatherapy at this level will work wonders for you. And when you’re done – relax. Put on a movie, read a book or go to bed. You’ve done well.

The holidays are a perfect time for us to be better people. It’s not easy and definitely takes practice, but you can do it. And when you’re done exercising this muscle, you get sweet relief.

From all of us at Eurospa Aromatics, have a beautiful holiday.

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Dad that Has it All!

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Dad that Has it All!

Tired of the same old Father's Day gift ideas?  Here are some healthy suggestions for the dad that has it all!

Whether they are fathers, sons, brothers or friends, we love the dads in our lives and our biggest wish is for them to stay around, right? If you don’t have a dad to celebrate this year, consider thinking of an loving father-figure in your life, or someone else’s, who deserves to enjoy the honor of this special day!  He’s given himself to create life, and now it’s time to show your appreciation! But what can you do to better his life, especially when he seems to already have it all?

Let’s start with health. Life is only as beautiful as the quality it holds.  I’m not suggesting you buy him two first class tickets to Bali, but I will give you some creative ideas that will leave him feeling relaxed, healthy and rejuvenated!

Here are some perfect Father’s Day gift ideas for the dad that has it all!

1.  YOU.  I know you’re busy, but you may just be the perfect gift of all! Take time out of your busy schedule and surprise him for lunch.  Just show up.  Put your phone away and be all ears. Giving our full, non-judgemental attention is one of the best ways to say ‘I LOVE YOU’. That makes a man happy and being happy keeps the whole self more healthy!

Tired of the same old Father's Day gift ideas?  Here are some healthy suggestions for the dad that has it all!2. Personal training sessions AND massage.  Why both?  Well, going to the gym, whether fit or not, can be a chore and many people don’t want to exhaust themselves doing so.  By coupling it with massage, you say, “Yes, I know it was hard, but you’re worth it… and here’s a relaxing reward for your hard work and dedication!”  It’s not bribery. It’s incentive!

3. Yoga class punch card.  Yoga isn’t just for the ladies!  In fact, the truth is, men could use a lot more flexibility in their lives and yoga is great for those overworked mind and bodies.  Of course, do your research, and make sure it’s a class he’ll be comfortable with.  Added bonus?  Throw in a manly mat for him to take with him.  Either it’s his thing, or not… you’ll know!

Tired of the same old Father's Day gift ideas?  Here are some healthy suggestions for the dad that has it all!

4. Round up your family and invest in a home sauna.  This, I have to say, is one of my favorite gift ideas for everyone, but especially dads. Used all over the world, saunas offer both body health through detoxification and circulation and mind health through relaxation and being able to unwind after a long day.  These are relatively inexpensive and have long lasting benefits. Physically, nothing is more invigorating than a deep, healthy sweat.  His tension will fade and muscles will unwind.  It just takes a few minutes a day for him to both feel and look better!

5. Essential oils for health.  Specifically, eucalyptus oil.  If you don’t already know the benefits of this miraculous oil, it’s fantastic for respiratory, muscle and circulatory health. You can get the eucalyptus oil shower mist and encourage him to spray it around the home, car or office for the disinfecting properties.  To enhance his health and cleanse his bronchial passages, he can spray it into the shower steam or sauna heat for even further use.  This spray is an all round health and crowd pleaser!

I hope that these ideas have gotten you excited about honoring the dad’s in your life.  We’d love to know how you’ve used them or if you have any other ideas you’d like to contribute.  At Eurospa, we are committed to everyone’s health and all points of life! Let us know how we can make your life a better one!