How to Get Fast & Natural Relief from Bronchial Ailments

How to Get Fast & Natural Relief from Bronchial Ailments

It’s no news that bronchial infections, bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments are some of the most straining health issues out there. Why? Because we’ve got to breathe.  Everything we do from exercise to sleep involves the need for deep and nourishing breath. If you can’t breathe, you can’t fully live.

So we want to offer some fast, safe, and natural ways to get breathing relief during just about any bronchial or respiratory challenge.

Bronchial challenges stem from inflammation of the trachea and bronchial tubes, typically resulting from a viral infection, such as a cold or flu. If you get bronchitis once, you tend to get it again. When essential oils are used at the earliest signs of bronchitis, they can help slow or even stop the cycle of inflammation. So the best way to get fast relief is by reducing inflammation.

Use these tips to reduce and prevent inflammation:

  • Avoid eating mucous-producing foods, such as dairy, white flour products, and all products containing large amounts of white sugar. A diet of fruits and vegetables for a week or two is great for fighting bronchitis.
  • Increase your regular intake of water to at least ½ gallon daily. (On average, you should drink around one gallon)
  • Avoid dry air by using a diffuser and getting into steam as often as possible. Add drops of our Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist to the diffuser to enhance the effect. Your lungs will open up quickly, and you should experience relief.
  • Stay away from all tobacco or industrial smoke.
  • Generally, avoid cough suppressants, since coughing lifts and eliminate the mucous that is generated by the bronchial inflammation.

Relief from bronchitis is possible without the use of dangerous drugs and chemicals. Using natural means to defeat bronchitis will cure it at the source, not just mask the symptoms.

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chest congestion, clear pathways, breathe better fast, natural remedy for coughs, colds, menthol crystals, bronchitis, sinusitis, glowing skin, fountain of youthAre you one of the lucky ones that experiences either chronic or acute nasal congestion? If you’re experiencing nasal congestion, morning sneezes, or any nose blockages – the good news is YOU WIN!! Sinus problems happen for many reasons; some of which include air conditioners, pollution, genetics and more.

Regardless, if you have had the ‘pleasure’ of this untimely gift, you know it’s not only a miserable feeling but can turn your whole day upside down, as breathing can be difficult. Regular lung cleansing may be the solution you’ve been looking for as it is helpful to many respiratory ailments.  Since we are always breathing, clogged sinuses and congestion in our lungs are conditions we can’t so easily ignore! And when those pathways become hindered, the only things we are desperate for are some efficient inhalations. Good thing is, that menthol crystals are able to provide a significant amount of relief, as menthol reduces broncho-constriction and hyper airway responsiveness. 

Products intended for lung cleansing, that contain menthol crystals have shown to provide incredible relief for the tiresome symptoms of upper respiratory complaints, congestion, sore throats and even coughs.  You may have noticed that the leading brands of lozenges, drops and balms usually list menthol as their main ingredient.  So, it’s no surprise that inhaling the vapor and scent of menthol crystals leave you almost feeling their power as they break up congestion, clear pathways, cooling the burn and soothing irritated membranes. This is so helpful and holds it’s worth in the relief alone! 

Are you intrigued?  Ready to know how to use them?

What’s great, is that since the crystals are so concentrated, you only need a small amount each time!

Here’s what I want you to do:   

chest congestion, clear pathways, breathe better fast, natural remedy for coughs, colds, menthol crystals, bronchitis, sinusitis, glowing skin, fountain of youth

Fill a bucket or a pot with about 1/3 of steaming hot water. (if you want to do all of this at the stove, keep the temperature at medium or less as too high of a boil will be too hot for your skin.) Put about 3-4 menthol crystals into the steaming water. Grab a towel and cover your head and the pot with it, leaving space for fresh air to find it’s way in. Then, breath in and out deeply.  You may find that it’s hard to breathe in the menthol steam, especially if you have a lot of stubborn congestion. But still try to stick to it for about 15 minutes or until you couldn’t take it anymore. (Turn on some relaxing or revitalizing tunes and let it all go!) Once you, or the steam is done,  unveil yourself from the towel and take in few fresh breaths,  allowing your body to cool down to let your breathing return to normal.  Next?  Blow your nose. Blow everything out! But keep in mind not to press on one side of the nose while blowing the other side. Just blow it out naturally and with ease from both sides at the same time. Your head will feel lighter and the nasal pathways more clear. If you got deep enough, you should even feel the mucous in your lungs clearing up as well!
As far as timing goes, if you are able do it every night before bed, it will help you in getting a better night sleep. Over time, you will get so much out that you may even clear your sinusitis one day!

I did mention beautiful, glowing skin, didn’t I?  I know it got your attention and I’m happy to tell you…  You have just opened the pores of your skin, sweat out impurities, infused your cells with anti-microbial super powers (thank you menthol crystals!) and added to the supple, youthful glow that we all desire!

Don’t worry!  You can have and easily afford your own crystals from Eurospa! We are thrilled to be bringing such goodness and freedom to your day!  Get your own menthol crystals, breathe clearer, look great and then tell us what you think!