Dreading the Holidays? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Enjoy Them & Recover!

Dreading the Holidays? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Enjoy Them & Recover!

Being around family isn’t easy. Some people love it, some people hate it and others just do it because they’re supposed to. If it’s a torture to you, we want to give you an idea for recovering from it that you’ll love. And if you’d like to enjoy it, we’ve got some tips to share there too.

Have a better holiday than the years before and come out feeling good about it. Here’s how:

Remember the truth: This time is temporary and this is your family. You didn’t choose them, but here they are. Love the good inside them and don’t waste your time arguing. You’re not likely to change anyone’s opinions so don’t bother. If they need to think or act differently that’s their own growth to go through. They’ll grow much faster if you sit back and love them.

Simple Conversation: Avoid talking about major issues, family grudges, politics and personal choices. Talk about simple things like music, the books you’re reading, family vacations or the latest movies. And if the complex topics arise, refer to the last point. Don’t waste your time trying to prove something to anyone. It’s always a dead end or painful experience.

Find Kindness: Look for ways to be kind. Compliment people. Listen carefully and attentively to the other person. (If you’re not bothering to argue or convince them of anything, this should be easy to do, and good practice for your communication skills!) Take it further and look for opportunities to tell people why you appreciate them and what you admire about them. This is sure to up-level the mood in the air.

Recover: It’s no easy task handling family. When you’re done, you want to go home, fall on the couch and put your feet up. So do it. But upgrade the experience. All that effort and conversation (and avoiding arguments) can make you tense and tired. So make sure you have a couple bottles of our Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist, because this will calm your muscles, nerves and mood down so fast. Run a hot shower and spritz a couple sprays into the steam. Get in and just stand there. Breathe. Aromatherapy at this level will work wonders for you. And when you’re done – relax. Put on a movie, read a book or go to bed. You’ve done well.

The holidays are a perfect time for us to be better people. It’s not easy and definitely takes practice, but you can do it. And when you’re done exercising this muscle, you get sweet relief.

From all of us at Eurospa Aromatics, have a beautiful holiday.

Surprising Ways You Can Use Oxygen Therapy to Heal Your Body

Did you know that oxygen shortage in the human body has been linked to every major illness category including heart conditions, cancer, digestion and elimination problems, respiratory disease, inflamed and aching joints, sinus problems, yeast infections, and even sexual dysfunction? It’s not common knowledge yet, but new studies are coming out every day.  We’d like to keep you informed.

So let’s talk about oxygen, how we can get more of it, and what it will do for us.

Oxygen is our primary source of energy and is the main energy source for our brain function. It calms the mind and stabilizes the nervous system. Without oxygen, we cannot absorb important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients our body needs. When our cells lack oxygen, they weaken and die. Without oxygen, nothing works very well or at all.

That means “taking 10 deep breaths” to calm down is a valid and medically proven way to relieve stress and calm the nervous system. No pills, just a small step toward big change.

Before I send you suggestions, it’s important to remind you that worry and anxiety aren’t part of the stressless solution. So start by intentionally choosing not to worry and instead take care of yourself. How do you take care of yourself? With more oxygen of course.

Tips for Oxygen Therapy to Heal Your Body

  • Exercise: Raising your aerobic activity level forces the blood to distribute oxygen throughout the body quickly and efficiently
  • Essential oils: Use Lavender and Sandalwood to relax and calm down. Using other oils such as Rosemary or our Eucalyptus ShowerMist in the shower or sauna are great for enhancing oxygen absorption and detoxing.
  • Saunas and steam rooms: The heat and moisture relax your body, allowing it to take in more oxygen and release toxins and stress.

The vital role oxygen plays in our bodies makes it a health factor we should pay much closer attention to. With these tips, you can start living a happier and healthier life right now.

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How Saunas and Steam Rooms Support Health and Relaxation

If you’re a busy person, having both health and relaxation just doesn’t seem possible. The good news is that is. Have you ever had the opportunity to enjoy a steam room or sauna? They have incredible health and beautification benefits while allowing you to relax and re-energize.

How Saunas and Steam Rooms Support Health and Relaxation


Saunas can be used as a means of calming the body and relieving stress. If you suffer from insomnia (one in three people have a mild case), they can also help induce sleep.

The heat from the sauna helps the body release endorphins, a feel-good chemical that reduces the effects of stress on the body which can relax you enough to sleep better. The sauna heats up your body, so when you leave and begin to cool down, your body releases increased levels of melatonin. Melatonin relaxes you and promotes deeper sleep.

The heat from a sauna soothes your nerve endings, warming and relaxing muscles. This relieves tension from your body and minimizes joint pain. Those suffering from illnesses such as arthritis, painful migraines, and headaches will especially find saunas beneficial.

Steam Room

Steam rooms have similar benefits to saunas, but they work with added moisture in the air. Steam opens up your airways, improving your breathing and alleviating congestion. The wet heat thins and opens the mucous membranes in the body, relieving sinus pressure. That makes steam rooms more beneficial for those with asthma and bronchitis.

Steam rooms also increase metabolism and aid in mild weight loss. Steam will produce sweat, which means your body is losing water weight. Since our bodies largely consist of water, sweating will cause you to lose a few pounds. The sweat also detoxifies and cleanses the body.

Skin Benefits

Both facilities open the pores, increasing blood and lymphatic circulation, softening your skin. After using either one, you should notice a healthy pink glow, making you look younger.

Steam rooms cleanse out any impurities from the skin which is especially good for those who have acne. Similarly, saunas eradicate blackheads to give you clearer skin.

In addition to the heat of steam rooms and saunas, there are options for enhancing your experience and adding health benefits to essential oils. Common ones are Lavender, Orange, and our favorite, Eucalyptus.

We offer a Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist that you can easily use both in the shower and spa alike. Eucalyptus is antimicrobial and is a powerful immune support, and cleanser of the sinus and bronchial passages. Great for migraines and stiff muscles. What’s not to love?

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If You Deal with Daily Stress, These Aromatherapy Secrets May Be Your Solution!

If You Deal with Daily Stress, These Aromatherapy Secrets May Be Your Solution!

If You Deal with Daily Stress, These Aromatherapy Secrets May Be Your Solution!Aromatherapy has been shown to carry many benefits in terms of wellness and stress relief. For example, one study showed that aromatherapy does indeed have an effect on brain waves, and can alter behavior. But not all scents are created equal, nor do they affect human physiology and behavior in the same ways. Below, we at Eurospa want to share with you some of the top scents used in aromatherapy, to relieve stress and enhance better health; not to mention, some great ways to use them. 

If you deal with daily stress, these aromatherapy secrets may be your solution!

Lavender is associated with feelings contentment, improved cognitive performance (some measures) and mood as well, and has also shown other mild sedative and calming effects. It’s also been shown to reduce cortisol levels . It can soothe babies and new mothers alike, promote positive mother-infant interactions, and promote sleep in infants, and promote deep sleep in men and women, as well. This can be a great choice for anyone trying to relax for sleep or feel more calm and relaxed during the day.

Eucalyptus and Rosemary
I put these here together as they work off each other for an even more enhanced effect. Eucalyptus is known to be clearing and cleansing. Rosemary is associated with feelings of contentment. Both have been shown to have positive affects on performance and mood and have demonstrated the ability to reduce cortisol levels. Add rosemary to your diffuser. Spray eucalyptus oil shower spray into the steam of your shower or just around the home! These oils are great choices for de-stressing during the day when there is still work to be done.

Peppermint aromatherapy has been found to increase memory and alertness, which can provide a great pick-me-up for too-tired, too-busy people, stressed students, and the overworked.

So much research has shown that citrus oils, such as lemon, wild orange and lime, possess anti-depressant-type effects, making it a good choice for stress relief and mood enhancement as well.  Place a few drops on the palms of your hands and rub along your chest and shoulders.  The oil is not only antibacterial by nature, but increases feelings of lightness and joy!

Eurospa wants to make your life better, which is why we specialize in top quality products for home and spa! We hope you have enjoyed these tips toward less stress and better health.  Contact us today!