Want to Feel Great? 7 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Stress Less and Live Well!

Want to Feel Great? 7 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Stress Less and Live Well!

Life keeps us busy and it can be hard to find time to take care of yourself.  We get tired and need a boost but tend to reach all too quickly that dependable cup of coffee even if we are sick and our bodies are screaming for nurture and healing!

Often-ignored but totally necessary, self-care can be any behavior or practice that helps us avoid triggering worse health problems (like the risk of heart problems due to high stress, for example) and betters our life quality by improving our mental and physical health through increased self-esteem, less stress, and overall well being. Implementing these simple tips can also help provide balance in our over-stimulating world. Self-care makes up an essential part of a healthy lifestyle that keeps us healthy, happy, and more in-tune with our minds and bodies.

Problem is, we can just do it once and expect change.  New patterns of change in our lives can be hard to commit to as they can seem intimidating or we are are afraid of failing.  But I’ve compiled these tips because they are easy to implement into our daily lives, allowing us to set new patterns. 

So get out a pen and paper and write down the ones that feel right to you; ones that you feel you can accomplish and will make you feel good.  Cause that’s what we all want, right?  To feel good?

1.  A list within a list – I want you to write a list of the things that make you smile, giggle and make your arms spread open in pure joy.  What are those things?  Can you think of 3?  How can you make those things happen each week or even each day?   For some, it’s loud happy music and dancing around.  For others it’s swimming or playing with a child.  Think on that one.  Life is best experienced when our hearts can smile. What gets yours going?

2.  Get Outside.  Ditching the comfort of your home gets us out in the world without obligation; cause walking from your front door to your car doesn’t count.  Get outside, take a walk and BREATHE deeply.   Being outside alone is associated with less mental stress and increased quality of living.

3.  While You’re At It….  Exercise outdoors.   We all know the benefits of exercise and even if you’re feeling a little shy – there are plenty of ways to get your heart rate going and oxygen pouring into your lungs.  Find a friend to play tennis or go on a long walk with.  Find a more private park path or beach to stand strong and engage your core muscles.  Climb a tree.  Hike. Swim.  Run.  Bike.  

4.  Eyes Wide Open.  Look around and find happiness.  Find love.  Notice acts of kindness, encouraging words and heart felt smiles.  Watch the love between people and see the beauty in the flowers.  It can be hard to get past the sadness and hostility in the world, but when we focus on the beauty still present, we are more excited to share it.  Be part of a joy revolution – and start with yourself. 

5. Pay It Forward.   Have you heard of those stories of people in line at Starbucks, waiting to pay, only to find out that the person ahead of them took the bill?  By helping others, we actually help ourselves, too. Lending a hand not only boosts mental health, but may also lead to a longer more fulfilled life. Volunteering also affects self-confidence, self-esteem, and general wellbeing in a positive way.

6.  Common Scents.  Yes, that was intentional.  Essential oils are getting more and more recognition for their healing properties and we are happy that it’s happening. 4. Breathe the right scents.  We have all been taught that deep breathing can help us relax. But what we breathe might be just as important as how we breathe. But current research suggests that citrus scents, orange essential oil in particular, can help slash stress and anxiety, and inhaling eucalyptus oil can invigorate the senses while also going deep inside our cells to purify and cleanse us from bacteria and toxins.

7.  Get Sleep! So many things can sabotage our sleep, whether it’s a late night working, a reality show marathon, a wild party, or just normal life. The problem is, skimping on sleep can seriously hurt clarity and productivity, causing us to eat more, and may lead to adrenal and thyroid problems; which domino to diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Prioritize your rest to be a healthier, happier you — even if it’s just a power nap on your lunch hour!

Are you ready?  Ready to upgrade your experience on the planet?  Ready to reduce your stress and feel GOOD?  

We are.  Eurospa is committed to global self care, which is why we provide top quality eucalyptus products and menthol crystals for spa and home use.  Your health is our priority! 

How do you reduce the stress?  We’d love to hear from you!

Feeling Stressed?  Fast and Affordable Tips for Stress Relief At Home Or On the Go!

Feeling Stressed? Fast and Affordable Tips for Stress Relief At Home Or On the Go!

Stress is a hot topic everywhere whether you are male or female and so often it has to do with our busy lives and family dynamic.   But how do you relieve that stress when you feel there’s just no time to handle it?   It’s time we talk about the simple and affordable tips to relieve stress quickly at home and on the go. 

Let’s talk about the men first.  We know you guys.  You are a hard working crowd with a lot of pressure on your shoulders.  And whether you are the game watching or fine dining type, you have the right to experience the relaxing fruit of your labor!  

And Ladies?  We know you too.  Whether you are a mother at home, working hard at your career or the busiest of the two worlds: BOTH, we invite you to take the time here and there to reward yourself for your thorough dedication to your many responsibilities!

I know we all have heard of the dangers stress brings to our lives, but I do want to touch base on a few major points (before I go into the fixes) so that we remember to take it seriously and take charge of the stress relief we so greatly deserve.  

So what is stress? It’s simply a fact of nature.  Forces from the inside or outside world affect people in various ways and the individual responds to stress in ways that affect both themselves and their environment as well. Due to the overabundance of stress in our modern lives, we tend to think of stress as a negative experience, but from a biological point of view, stress can be a neutral, negative, or positive experience.  In general, stress is related to both the external and internal factors. External factors include the physical environment, such as your job, relationships with others, your home and all the situations, challenges, and expectations you have to deal with on a daily basis. Internal factors determine how your body responds to and deals with the external stress-inducing factors. The internal factors that influence your ability to handle all that stress include your nutritional state, overall health and  fitness levels, emotional well-being, and the amount of sleep and rest you get. 

Now that that’s clear,  let’s talk about some simple ways to deal with it all!

  • Move Your Body:   Pretty clear, don’t you think?  When we move our bodies via running, dancing, yoga, weight training, cycling and other forms of movement, we release dopamine (a happy hormone) and get rid of cortisol (the stress hormone that wreaks havoc).  Our heart rate increases and our whole bodies get into a groove of joy and excitement.
  • Eat Well, Live Well:  Just a few simple rules here.  Stay away from white foods as much as you can.  This includes white breads, pastas, rice and sugar. These cause peaks and lows with our blood sugar, contributing to mood swings and feelings of anxiety.  Make sure your food includes veggies and fruits in a variety of color (extra greens if you can) and that you are adequately hydrated.  DRINK WATER.  You may be surprised at how much that single tip helps! 
  • Breathe Deep:  Annoying people and frustrating circumstances are all around us and this is the most easy tip yet the hardest to remember.  Breathe in through your nose slowly and deeply, pausing at the peak of inhalation.  This activates the back of your brain, causing a slower and calmer reaction time.  
  • Relax:  This is, of course the most enjoyable tip.  What relaxes you?  Whether it’s a massage or a slow walk in the park, you can determine what you will enjoy.  I know for me, my favorite two things are to sit in a hot tub or sauna or to sit in the sunshine with a book. 
  • Gratitude:  Be thankful.  Yes, times can be hard.  I’m not at all saying it’s easy.  We can recognize the pain, feel it and then take a deep breathe and really be thankful for the beauty that *is* in our lives – the things that are working, the people that do love us and the health we are experiencing. 
  • Laugh:  Enjoy your laughter! Talk to an old friend and think back on old times.  Recall stories that make you smile. Play with children.  Invite friends over for charades!  Watch a comedy.  Laughter is healing.  Don’t underestimate it’s power. 
  • Sleep:  Here’s the most medicinal one.  We tend to slack on sleep because our work and family load can keep us busy until midnight.  Then we wake to being our recurring routine at 6 am the following morning and then wonder why we are burnt out.   Many medical studies agree that we need to turn off all media at least an hour prior to bed time.   In that hour, practice the art of being in the present moment and just letting everything else go.   Take a hot bath with some drops of lavender oil and a few sprays of eucalyptus shower mist to the steam – and do the same with the lavender and eucalyptus to your pillow and bed sheets for an even deeper sleep relaxation.   Read, pray and be thankful. Trust that tomorrow will have plenty of beauty of it’s own to be thankful for as well.

Your health is so important and it begins with your state of mind and being.   Take care of your mind, body and soul and the rest will begin to fall more peacefully into place.   At Eurospa we want to know that people’s live are enriched and full of beautiful health.  Don’t hesitate to ask what we can do for you!

Enjoy the day that awaits you!

by: Navae Fiona