Turn Your Shower Into A Complete Spa Experience with Our NEW Mint Oil

Your shower should feel like a spa retreat. If it doesn’t, you’re really missing out. Not only is it easy to do, but it’s affordable too. At EuroSpa, we are known for equipping high-end spas with our top-grade oils, crystals, and Eucalyptus-based products and we’ve bottled up all that luxury just for you to use in the comfort of your home.

You aren’t always able to go to a day spa, so bring the spa to you on any day you need it.

We’ve already been flooded with appreciation and praise for our eucalyptus oil shower mist, so we know you love it. (Check out this woman’s story!)

But we decided to take it further.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to go above and beyond as a way to say thank you to the people that work so hard to make our country what it is today. We have a surprise for you and you’re going to love it.

Mint-Infused Eucalyptus Oil

We just released Mint-Infused Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist. The power of eucalyptus with an added hint of mint, to provide just a more lingering refreshment to your mind and body. You’ll enjoy all the usual aromatic and health benefits of the cineole that Eucalyptus contains, in all the usual ways of using it—just, better!

Our mists don’t require much: just a few sprays into the steam above your shower head will infuse the entire room with the calming and cleansing power of Eucalyptus. They can be used in any standard shower, as well as added to a hot bath, sink, or steam pot to relieve body aches and symptoms of sinus and respiratory challenges.

All of our products are made with 100% pure, pharmaceutical-grade oil, containing no additives, extenders, or dilution. This is top of the line quality and performance. You will feel the difference as you begin and end your day feeling light and rejuvenated, with a relaxed body and the energy you need to face your day. Isn’t that what the spa experience is really about?

So do it for yourself. Do it for your loved ones. Take today as the day where you both give and get the benefits of the luxury spa in your everyday life for a price you can afford.

Want to know more? We thought so. Click here and smile.

Is It Hard For You To Wake Up In the Morning? Try These Refreshing Ideas!

Is It Hard For You To Wake Up In the Morning? Try These Refreshing Ideas!

Is It Hard For You To Wake Up In the Morning? Try These Refreshing Ideas!If it’s hard for you to wake up in the morning, you’re not alone! Whether it’s from working late,
 parenthood or just too much excitement, you need a dependable way to feel energized and take care of the duties of the day! And since there’s a good chance you’re having a hard time keeping your eyes open, I’ll make sure to make this quick, clear and easy!

If it’s hard for you to wake up in the morning, try these refreshing ideas.

1. Warm Lemon Water
This one works to give you that ZING and also cleanses… even your skin will look great after doing this a few days in a row! 1/2 Lemon. One mug of water. Honey to taste with a dash (or tsp) of cayenne pepper.  GOOD MORNING!

2. Black or Green Tea Bags.
We both know that with very little sleep, you’re likely to reach for a caffeinated beverage. If you’re so wise to choose tea – steep your tea as usual but then apply the tea bag to your under eye area.  If you can listen to some energizing music and lay down for 5 minutes like this, you will feel more energized AND your eyes will look brighter!

3. Eucalyptus Oil Shower.
This one is great and wonderfully refreshing!  Simply take the eucalyptus oil shower spray and spritz it into the steam of the shower! The naturally occurring menthol will open up your lungs and rejuvenate you from the inside out.

We hope you find these tips useful and able to give you the energy boost you’re needing both inside and out!  Have a beautiful day, from all of us at Eurospa!

If You Are Waking Up Exhausted, You Need These Energy Boosting Tips!

If You Are Waking Up Exhausted, You Need These Energy Boosting Tips!

If You Are Waking Up Exhausted, You Need These Tips To Get You Energized!Do you ever feel like you wake up in the morning and just need to go back to bed.  Waking up is hard for many people, so if you have this challenge, you are not alone. But whether or not you are a morning person, you still need to be able to function.  So, with that in mind, let’s make the most out of those morning blues with these 7 positive ways to create an energized and productive day! 


One, is this predictable urge to reach for sugar to boost our energy levels. However, that is NOT the solution. It may work temporarily at first, but will leave you crashing soon thereafter and in a worse energy depletion!  Instead, focus on having a balanced diet including protein rich foods like nuts and lean meats. Avoid large meals mid-day, especially those high in simple carbohydrates like pasta.  Instead, go for vegetables, proteins, fats like those in yogurt and fruit for a sweet tooth pick me up.

If You Are Waking Up Exhausted, You Need These Tips To Get You Energized!BE THE SUNSHINE 
The sun is going to rise regardless of what side of the bed you choose to wake up on.  And, yes I said “choose”.  I know you might be tired (maybe go to bed earlier?) or dreading the day ahead but only you can decide how you feel about your day and whether your fears or frustrations will rule you. When you wake up – just smile. Even if you feel stupid and inauthentic, smile anyway and keep it there.  While (possibly staging) you grin, think of everything you love and are thankful for.  Life can be crazy but it doesn’t mean YOU have to be.  So make a different choice.  You be the sunshine!  Sleep deprivation does funny things to our minds and bodies. 

Find a quiet place in your home (especially helpful for parents) that’s free from distraction, but not in your bed.  Turn on some relaxing music, read or just sit in the stillness. Take one, then two, then ten deep breaths.   This is your opportunity to set your daily intention for a peaceful and productive day.   

The truth is, you’re not at your best when you don’t sleep well.  So, be kind to your body and lighten your work load as much as you can. Doing fewer things will allow you to bring more quality to your work without stressing you out.  Decide which tasks are *musts* and do those really well.  It’s also wise to hold off on making big decisions until after you’ve gotten more rest. 

It’s common knowledge that physical activity is important for both your mind and body, but it can be really difficult to find the time to fit it in to our busy schedules.  If you can go for a run or stop by the gym first thing in the morning, great!  If not, make a plan to implement a small routine into your morning so you at least set a pattern and habit to care for your mind and body which will in turn, not only set up your day with energy but also the rest of your life.

Inside and out is best! Make sure to drink a glass of water, as the hydration really does wake up your cells and start your day with a metabolic cleansing.  Then head to the shower.  Turn up the heat and let your muscles both relax and rejuvenate! Add menthol crystals to the shower steam as well to further awaken and even reap the health benefits!  Menthol crystals open up your bronchial passage ways, allowing you do breathe deeper  and get more oxygen to your brain. More oxygen to the brain means more clarity and mental peace.  These crystals will add a great vibrancy to your day!

Some people are morning eaters and some are not.  Meet with a nutritionist or do some research and try to hone in on what your particular body type is.  Some people are the hot tea and toast type and others are the full spread of fruit, bacon and eggs.  Whatever feels best and fuels you for the next couple of hours should be considered your energy spark for the day and committed to. When you take time to eat a balanced meal, you are giving your body the fuel it needs for everything else.   Chinese medicine states that the morning meal is the fuel your body pulls from most, the rest of the day. Only the oiled machine can truly perform!