Your Eucalyptus and Aromatherapy Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

November 7, 2017Seasonal

It’s about the time for holiday shopping. It can be rough looking for gifts that people will like. But there’s no better way to show care for your loved ones than to help them live a healthier and more enriching life. And to make your life easier this year, we want to give you the best … Read More

8 Tips to Sleep Better at Night

August 24, 2016Health & Wellness

It’s so frustrating when you plop into bed after a long day only to lay in bed restless and wait for sleep to come. And even after you’ve slept, you probably feel more tired than when you went to bed. These cycles are torturous, leaving you unproductive and unhappy during the day. But don’t worry, … Read More

Ditch the Bunny: Healthy & Creative Easter Basket Ideas

April 17, 2014Uncategorized

Why have sugar and cream filled bunnies be the focus your Easter holiday? Not every holiday needs to be flooded with sugar highs and lows.  Let’s take a walk on the wild side and explore a few healthier more thoughtful basket fillers for a change!  These ideas for healthy & creative Easter basket treats and gifts … Read More