Study shows Eucalyptus Oil to benefit COPD sufferers

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In a German study published in 2009, Eucalyptus Oil (cineole) was found to benefit patients with chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD).  The study of 242 COPD patients found that Eucalyptus Oil actively controlled airway inflammation. The study was conducted over a 6 month period.  The frequency, severity and duration of worsening symptoms diminished significantly when … Read More

Scientific Study: Eucalyptus Oil Proven to Relieve Pain

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Eucalyptus Oil Analgesic Effect Not Just a Folk Medicine Approach.  Laboratory Proven to Relieve Pain Eucalyptus Oil has been demonstrated to have analgesic (pain relieving) and anti-inflammatory properties according to an article in the September 1, 2008 issue of “Life Extension” magazine. The conclusion drawn by the scientists conducting the study was that “folk medicine” … Read More

Amazing Eucalyptus Oil!

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Eucalyptus Oil has many and varied medical applications.  Topical ointments have been in use among many cultures around the world for many years to heal wounds and cure fungal infections.  Teas have been used to reduce fevers.  Laboratory tests have confirmed the presence of substances with strong antibacterial properties in Eucalyptus Oil and it was … Read More

Clients LOVE a “eucalyptus-fresh” Steam Room!

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Steam rooms tend to acquire an unfriendly odor about them as a normal part of their use; an odor most folks find offensive.  Methods commonly used for reducing these foul smells include the introduction of eucalyptus oil into the steam room embedded in towels, sponges, or open containers.  While effective, these methods are inefficient and … Read More