Whether you spend a lot of time at the gym or like to exercise at home, it’s important to make sure you’re disinfecting your workout gear regularly.

You probably knew that changing out of your workout clothes immediately after your workout is smart, but washing them immediately is even better. That’s because the longer you let your gear sit with sweat (even in the hamper), the faster bacteria can grow – leading to clothing stains and deterioration.

Can you imagine the bacteria that’s growing on your yoga mat, weights, or tennis shoes? We have some good news: Tea Tree Oil is about to become your new secret weapon!

3 Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil to Keep Your Workout Gear Clean

Tea Tree Oil is known for its amazing antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Here are our favorite ways to use it in our fitness routines:

  1. Use an all-natural antibacterial spray to disinfect your equipment. Spray on equipment like yoga mats and weights then dry with a paper towel. You can also find our Lavender + Eucalyptus oil yoga mat cleaner here! 
  2. Eliminate odors and bacteria with a spray for stinky sneakers. Spritz the soles of your shoes after a workout and leave overnight to dry.  
  3. Spritz our Shower Mist on your gym towel and in the gym shower for a refreshing (and bacteria-fighting) zing!

What are your favorite ways to use essential oils for fitness?
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