Self-care is vital year-round, but sometimes, during the busy holiday season, taking care of yourself is something that gets placed on the back burner. But it’s actually during the bustling times that self-care is the most important. Choose to be proactive with your self-care efforts! You’ll set yourself up to stay healthier, be present during memorable moments, and truly enjoy the lively season. Here are a few self-care practices to try during the holiday season. 

Diffuse Essential Oils

While all the popular scents of the holidays are enjoyable, being more deliberate in the aromas you inhale can be transformative for your mood. Adding essential oils purposefully to your diffuser will allow you to breathe in a continual, steady infusion and enjoy a long-lasting aromatic experience.

Select an essential oil that supports your current attitude or feelings best. Reach for Lavender if you are looking for a sense of calmness or peace. Citrus is a good option if you need a revitalizing push or want to be uplifted. Eucalyptus is an awesome oil for clarity and helps to sharpen your focus. 

Diffusing oils delightfully pairs with a yoga session, meditation exercise, or journaling activity.

Take a Steam Shower

A hot, steamy shower is an easy-to-curate, at-home self-care practice. The warmth helps get your blood flowing, which will invigorate tired muscles. The steam will open up blood vessels and begin to naturally lower blood pressure. The entire process will help you unwind and destress, fostering an overall sense of well-being. 

Our 100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist was created to give you a therapeutic spa-like steam room experience right in your own bathroom. Simply turn on the hot water in your shower to get started. When it starts to get steamy, spritz a few sprays of the ShowerMist into the steam cloud, away from your eyes.

Rest, Rest, and Rest

We simply cannot overstate the importance of rest. No one can be at their best when they are tired, run-down, and out of energy. But we know that seems like a lofty order during the stressful season when you have a mile-long list of things to do! Plus, it can be difficult to wind down after a full day of shopping, cleaning, and prepping. 

For a little support before bedtime, consider a pillow spray or diffusing essential oils like Lavender and Chamomile in a diffuser on your night stand. Pillow sprays are essential oil-based products that are sprayed directly onto bed pillows (or linens). This provides an aromatherapeutic experience that prepares the body, mind, and mood for optimal relaxation. We answered all your pillow spray questions here. 

We actually prefer diffusing rather than spraying directly onto linens since there is a lesser chance of contact irritation. Plus diffusing will last for hours!

One Product Does it All 

When we created our 100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMist, we created a diverse product that can be used in many different ways. 

First, as we mentioned above, use it in your shower for the ultimate steam relaxation adventure. But you can also use our ShowerMist as a naturally-effective pillow spray alternative. A few sprays on your pillow will allow you to breathe in those amazing benefits while you sleep. Finally, you can add our ShowerMist to a diffuser. Just spray a small bit into the water of your diffuser to steadily release the sensational aroma of the essential oil.

All of our blends are carefully formulated, using only the finest ingredients available on the world market. Plus we offer a variety of scent infusions that can support your current state of mind or the state of mind you want to be in. (Check out our variety pack!)

How do you practice self-care during the holidays?