Waves of nausea are intense and can hit without warning. Whether caused by stress, digestive issues, medication side effects, or a myriad of other reasons, nausea is sudden, unpleasant, and you want it gone fast! Fortunately, there are several different remedies. Plus, all our suggestions support your healthy, holistic lifestyle. 

When your upset stomach makes it difficult to consume the remedy you need, we recommend turning to essential oils. Essential oils penetrate the skin and circulate throughout the body in a matter of minutes. They also work just as well when inhaled deeply into the lungs. 


A popular choice for natural nausea relief is Ginger. Ginger is actually derived from a flavorful root known for its sweet, peppery flavor. It can help in treating pregnancy-induced morning sickness, motion sickness, and even nausea after a surgical procedure. This spice is readily available as a lozenge or candy and in teas or ale. 


When nausea strikes, many people also reach for Peppermint. And for good reason, too! Peppermint’s strong scent can pack an aromatherapeutic punch. It naturally calms your stomach muscles, which in turn, brings about relief from tightness, sourness, or general discomfort. Items as simple as peppermint tea, gum, or candies can help.


Finally, a lesser-known, but a still effective natural remedy for nausea is lemon and other citrus fruit. The citric acid helps aid digestion and soothe your stomach.

Our top picks for natural nausea relief are our Mint-Infused or Citrus-Infused Eucalyptus Oil ShowerMists. Each product contains 100% pure Eucalyptus oil and 100% pure botanical oils. Simply spray the mist directly into the steam of a shower, get in, and breathe deeply to let the oils do their work. This all-natural, plant-based, steam-distilled mist has no synthetics, alcohols, or petrochemicals. 

Other Nausea Relief Tips

Another idea to try for nausea relief is acupressure, the technique of applying pressure to a specific area to release tension, promote circulation, and in turn, relieve symptoms. The pressure point for nausea is located on the inner wrist area. Many people also try light, gentle yoga, deep breathing techniques to de-stress, and activated charcoal. Here’s a blog post that explores those options more in-depth. 


We hope you found some ideas to try next time nausea strikes. As an important reminder, if your stomach nausea is more than an inconvenient discomfort, please seek medical attention.  Severe cramping, localized pain, or any other sudden symptoms should be examined by a doctor. 

What are your go-to remedies for nausea relief? Please share below!