People have been enjoying the benefits of saunas for thousands of years. The sauna we know today originated in Finland more than 2,000 years ago and has gained increasing popularity in the United States.  

Saunas are generally very simple areas, lined with wooden walls and benches. The temperature ranges from 90 degrees to 185 degrees. There is very low humidity, so the heat feels drier. 

Most sauna sessions last between 10 to 20 minutes, plus around that same time cooling down in a shower, pool, or cooler dressing area nearby. The experience aims to help you relax, unwind, and destress, but it can be good for your well-being and vitality. 

The benefits are so worthwhile that EuroSpa Aromatics has created products to support this practice and augment the amazing effects. Here are some ways that you can boost your health this fall with a sauna. 

Detoxify Your Body

A session in the sauna can flush toxins from your body. The heat increases your body’s temperature and blood flow, which activates your sweat glands. Deep sweating forces the toxins out of our bodies. This response is similar to what happens during intense exercise. 

Breathe Easier

If you are fighting congestion, sinus, or allergy-related issues, saunas can provide relief from the symptoms. The warmth can help open up nasal passageways and the sinuses, easing the pain and annoyance of sinus pressure.

Fight Off Germs

Exposing your body to the heat from a sauna will kick your immune system into high gear. The heat will enable your body to rapidly produce more white blood cells, which is how our bodies fight infections, colds, viruses, and other illnesses. 

Soothe Tired Muscles

You can find relief from tired, achy muscles in a sauna. The heat will help to loosen the stiff, overworked and tense muscles and supports quick healing of the muscle tissue.

Promote a Healthy Heart

Regular sauna visits can improve cardiovascular health by conditioning the heart. The heat makes your heart work harder, increasing heart rate, and in essence, giving it a workout. This will keep blood flowing more properly and decrease heart-related risks.

Enhance Your Experience

To enhance your sauna experience, check out our Menthol Crystals. These all-natural crystals are colorless and clear, and a natural by-product of steam distilled peppermint essential oil. In the sauna, these crystals release a dry heat-generated aromatherapeutic vapor. 

Our Menthol Crystals can be placed in a small container near the heat source in your sauna or steam room or placed in a metal bowl in direct contact with the heat source. You can also scatter them between the wooden slats on the floor of the sauna. 

The beneficial vapors will rise into the warmth of the room and naturally augment the benefits we mentioned above. 

What other benefits do you experience from the sauna? Please share them with us below!