A Great Eucalyptus Steam Room Is a Touch of Heaven.  These 5 Miss the Mark

There are a few things in life that leave a memory that touches virtually every sense.  Think 73 degree 7 mph breeze overlooking the blue pacific while sipping something cold.  Or maybe a perfectly hit baseball or golf ball.  Add to the short list a baby’s first smile.  These are moments you can drink in and savor.  Moments that you’ll remember for years into the future.  For some, a beautifully designed steam bath with the healing scent of eucalyptus would be on their list.  There is something about drinking the steam and essential oil into what seems like every part of your body that provides perfect pleasure to virtually every sensory organ.

Unfortunately, there are some steam rooms in gyms, spas, or hotels that seem to get the short end of the straw.  The potential for an amazing time of relaxing turns into mumbling and consternation.  We are sorry if you thought we were going to name names here.  No can do.  However, we encourage you to do it for us.  Leave the names of your worst steam room experiences in the comments.  Maybe they will send a wake up call.

1.  Obviously the worst steam rooms are those who don’t bother to inject eucalyptus oil into the steam.  The cost is truly miniscule.  Less than $3 a day.  Why would any company fail to provide this healthy benefit to their clients.  Some of the other issues below would also be solved with the use of eucalyptus oil.

2.  Instead of smelling like eucalyptus, the steam room smells like . . . dirty laundry.  Warm wet places attract mildew, and we all know what that smells like.  The good news is that Eucalyptus oil is a known antibacterial and anti fungal agent.  In other words, it destroys mildew.

3.  Your visual senses will not appreciate seeing mold in a steam room.  See #2 for the reason there might be mold and for the solution.  Eucalyptus oil to the rescue again.

4.  The room isn’t large enough to accommodate the crowd they try to pack in there.  Steam rooms are not enhanced by close contact with others.

5.  Loud steam generators.  Just when your reaching nirvana, the steam comes on with a huge gasp.  This isn’t necessary.  There are steam machines that don’t sound like the flush toilets on an airplane.

We could get nit picky about outdated look, worn out facilities, policies regarding co-ed, not co-ed, clothing optional or not.  None of those will ruin the mood, so we haven’t included them in our list.  If you know the folks at your spa or gym and they aren’t using eucalyptus oil in the steam, tell them about our under $3-a-day solution.  Send them to https://eurospaaromatics.com

If you do steam at home or want to get as close as possible in your shower, we now offer a choice of 8 ounce or 16 ounce spray mist bottles of 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil direct from our factory.  You can order by calling us at 1-800-395-6478.  (8 oz is only $29.95 + s/h)

This oil, by the way, is the very same oil as we ship to the top luxury hotels and spas all over the US.  They learned long ago that the way to make a steam room perfect is to add Eucalyptus oil.