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How About a Little Spa Hopping Vacation – Here’s A Year’s Worth

Prevention Magazine’s online effort is best known for giving you the latest bits of information on wellness and health.  But they are also expert at putting together slide shows of the best of .. fill in the blank.  In this case they have provided 50 mouth-watering photos of spas from around the globe whose claim to fame is an eco awareness.

While it seems hard to imagine that most of their guests who might be arriving by private jet or yacht spend much time worrying about their carbon footprint, at least these spas are paying attention.  However, as you flip from slide to slide, one thing for certain, essential oils are part of the health benefits of all of these healthy spas.

Spray bottle of eucalyptus oil for your home shower

Check out the Healthiest Eco Spas in the World, and then you might want to check out the potential for you and your family to enjoy the health benefits of the leading essential oil right in your own home.  Eucalyptus has been known for centuries to be healing, especially when in combination with steam.

We are now providing an 8 ounce spray bottle of 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade, eucalyptus oil that will give you all the benefits that the jet set flies half way around the world to enjoy.  You can spray the oil directly into your shower and immediately smell the healing aroma saturate the air.  Perfect Gift.

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