In Sherbrooke Forest, Victoria, Australia
In Sherbrooke Forest, Victoria, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Best Friend a Steam Room Ever Had, Eucalyptus Oil, Comes from a Tree that Provides the World with a Long List of Benefits

Everyone loves the scent of eucalyptus oil in the steam room at the local spa or gym.  Many are now finding that they also like to bring it home to their home steam unit or shower.  We know about some of the reported benefits to our skin, olfactory system, respiratory system, and even emotional and spiritual health, but the oil and the tree that creates the oil are amazing on many, many levels.

1.  Biomass is a potential source for generating power around the world.  Biomass can be derived  from renewable, sustainable sources like plants and trees.  While we currently use corn, sugar, and switch grass for biomass applications, better might be fast growing hardwood trees planted and harvested for energy production, but also supplying wood and fiber. 

2.  The eucalyptus tree is one of the fastest growing hardwood trees in the world.  It already represents 8 percent of all planted forests.  Grown in 90 countries, the eucalyptus is easy to grow in many climates.  In 2003, global Eucalyptus pulp demand was 8 million tons and it represented 40 percent of the world’s hardwood pulp market.

3.  Dryland salinity is becoming a serious problem in many parts of the World.   In Australia, almost 50% of the divertible water supply is either undrinkable or marginal because of salinity.   Scientists believe that this may be due to the removal of deep rooted trees to make room for shallow rooted food crops.  The water table moves up, bringing salt that has been in deposit for millennia closer to the surface.  A solution for this has been to plant eucalyptus trees in the farm areas, whose deep roots will then lower the water table.  Early experimentation seems to be showing promising results.

4.  Eucalyptus oils derived from the leaves of some species of eucalyptus provide commercially viable products for cleaning and disinfecting.  The oils are known to be antibacterial and antimicrobial.  Thus eucalyptus oils are used for cleaning virtually any surface and can even be used in the wash.  Great for smelly shoes.

5.  Eucalyptus oils are used in pure form and in combination with other products to produce excellent remedies for colds, flu, dry skin, itchy feet or scalp. 

6.  Essential oils are used in many applications as aromatherapy to sooth the nerves and help with relaxation, either by themselves, or in conjunction with massage, sauna or steam baths. 

7.  There is evidence that merely thinking about the smell of eucalyptus may be helpful in arresting cravings for chocolate or cigarettes.  Good idea for the cigarettes.  Leave my chocolate cravings alone.

8.  Combined with Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus may be effective with Lice and Nits.

9.  Eucalyptus oil has been studied and is being studied at universities around the world, and there is a growing body of evidence that shows multiple medicinal uses, including:  cure for athletes feet, relieve muscle pain, control airway inflamation in COPD patients, prevent staph infections, and more.

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