For Just $600 Up, You Can Get the  Health Benefits of a Steam Room in Your Home

Here is an example of an inexpensive ready-to-go steam room

I love a steam bath.  Others prefer Sauna.  It isn’t that I don’t like a sauna, but I do prefer the cooler, wetter, effect of steam.  Do you know how cheap and easy it is to add a steam room to your home? You can do it as a stand alone or part of a remodel.  On another day, we’ll look at the sauna or even a combination.

I know a little bit about steam rooms, since I once had one built into my home.  It was a combination double tub with concentrated jets, twin shower heads, and a dry or wet rock pile for sauna or steam.  This was all enclosed in a tiled room about ten-by-ten.  It was beautiful, fun, and great for skin, and the respiratory system .  The cost of all that was a lot less than you might think.

I’m thinking about putting a steam room in my new home.  The master bath has a full sized tub, glass sliding doors, and is quite separate from the rest of the room.  I can easily add to the top of the glass slider enclosure and create a decent seal.  Or I could take out the sliders and replace with a unit that would completely seal that side.  The other three sides are all tile.  For under $1000, I can buy a steam generator, and Voila, I have a steam room.

Alternatively, I could take out the tub (there are other tubs in the house), and buy an enclosed unit that is all prefab and ready to install.  And those start at around $1400 or you can spend $5000 for a really elegant unit. For around $3000 you can buy a very nice one.  Depending on the spot you want to place the unit, you may have some plumbing expense and then you have some minor construction costs

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Adding a Steam Room with Eucalyptus Oil to Your Home Will Give you Enhanced Physical and Emotional Health

Maybe you are aware of the huge benefits to your skin, olfactory system, and mood that have now been proven to come from a steam bath.  But if you add eucalyptus oil to your steam bath, now you have multiplied the proven health benefits.   The combination of steam and eucalyptus oil has been used for centuries to promote health and well being.  Besides the experience would be worth the cost even if there weren’t all the side benefits.

You can now enjoy to luxury of eucalyptus oil in a regular shower, too.  Buy our 8 ounce spray bottle of 100% pure pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil for you home shower or steam room.

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