Test Question:  What Is Luxurious, Feels Fantastic, Helps Your Complexion, Calms Your Emotions, and Provides Health Benefits for Olfactory and Respiratory Systems?

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Humans are funny creatures.  We are always in a mad search for the new method, the new cure, the new and better approach.  Many of us spend thousands of dollars on products that promise us relief from the things that annoy us, and more thousands on methods to improve the things we find less than perfect about ourselves.

Sometimes the best products and approaches are inexpensive and obvious.  Sometimes they are centuries old.  Ask yourself, would people keep doing something for centuries if it didn’t work?

Steam is pretty cheap.  It has been used for centuries to open pores, reduce stress, moisten the nose and throat, and just plain feel good.  Steam baths were used in Russia, Turkey, Mexico, and Northern Europe hundreds of years ago through today.  The most luxurious spas in the world offer steam baths as the ultimate in pampered living.  Your neighbors up on the hill have a steam bath in their master suite.  Inexpensive steam is irnonically evidence of wealth and health.

You can give yourself a facial steam bath with a sink and a towel covering your head to keep the steam enclosed.  You can get a bit fancier and spend anywhere from $20 to $200 on a home facial sauna depending on the features.  Or you can spend $700 to $1500 to outfit your current shower or bathtub with a steam unit.  For as little as $1500, you can install a complete, enclosed steam unit in your home.

Now, if you are Kate Moss, you are going to add another ancient product to the steam.  Eucalyptus Oil will multiply the results of your steam facial many times over.  According to http://thehappyskindiary.com, Kate Moss uses a eucalyptus laced steam bath the next morning after any occasion where she was unable to get a proper cleansing the night before, or when she need a deep cleansing.

Kate would be tapping into ancient wisdom regarding the use of eucalyptus oil as a cleansing agent.  But Eucalyptus Oil also provides additional health benefits to the respiratory and olfactory systems.  And, of course, eucalyptus has been used for centuries in steam rooms and saunas.  Today, the most luxurious spas in the world use this essential oil to improve the experience and wellness of their guests. 

Now you can live large like Kate Moss or other jet setters.  100% Pure Eucalyptus Oil, then kind that is used in the very best steam rooms, is now available for home use.  You can now enjoy to luxury of eucalyptus oil in a regular shower.  Buy our 8 ounce spray bottle of 100% pure pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil  at Amazon.com for you home shower or steam room.

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