None of These Stunning Steam Rooms Should Be Without Eucalyptus Oil 

Are you working on a great room addition, remodeling your master bath, or just love to look at pictures of fabulous rooms that you hope to afford one day.  I am going to give you the secret to unlimited drooling over thousands of decorating tips and ideas.  It is kind of like the YouTube of decorating.  More and more of these pictures show up every day.  When you go back a week later, you have newly added examples of tasteful rooms, furniture, accessories, floor and window treatments, kitchen cabinets and more. 

Of course, in this blog, we’re interested in ways to bring wellness into your life through eucalyptus oil, and steam is one way to achieve that.  Steam baths and rooms, facial saunas, and such can give you the one-two punch of steam and eucalyptus oil that will help your skin, breathing, peace of mind and so much more. 

So, I grabbed a few screen shots of my favorite steam rooms for you to check out.  But if you want to look at a few hundred, or maybe that was thousand, more ideas for steam rooms or any other room, head over to  Here is the link for the steam rooms.

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