Are you looking for incredible skin, to feel amazing, and have incredible energy, without spending a fortune or turning to crazy chemicals?

If you’re sick of the toxic options and expensive, risky options out there, we’re happy to pass on some magic tips to transform your skin, energy and health — all within the comfort of your home.

Eucalyptus Steam 

Eucalyptus ShowerMist is a great addition to any anti-aging routine. Simply turn up the steam in the shower and spray the Eucalyptus onto the walls and into the steam. This will allow the pores in the face to open and activate the anti-microbial cleansing properties of this healing plant. Also, inhaling the steam will invite the herbal strength to cleanse your bronchial passages, allowing for a full body cleanse that will reflect in your skin. Healthy skin, healthy body.

Lemon Water

Try starting your day with a hot cup of lemon water. Simply make hot water as you would for tea, add the juice of 1/2 a lemon and sweeten with honey or stevia if needed. This cleanses your digestive system, detoxifies the skin and blood, jump starts your energy and metabolism and neutralizes your body ph to a more alkaline level. Disease and instability of health thrive in an acidic body. The opposite of that is an alkaline body. Be healthy and start your day alkaline (side note: lemon water cleanses the digestive system, of which the kidneys are a part of. The bags and dark circles under your eyes come from overwhelmed kidneys, so drinking lemon water can help them function better).

Green Juice

There’s a lot of hype about green juice these days and it’s for good reason. Greens, similar to lemon water, alkalize water, making the body a fertile ground for beauty to grow. Greens tone the skin and blood, adding multiple vitamins, minerals, and nutrients like silica, collagen, elastin, and vitamin k to your entire body. This results in eyes that are brighter, skin that is tighter and cheeks that have that natural rosy hue. Who doesn’t want that? And there are PLENTY of delicious recipes online for incredibly tasting juice!

Self-care is surprisingly simple if you just know the tricks and are consistent. We know the importance of quality self-care, and that’s why we chose to create our own line of quality products years ago.