Very Little Changed Since the Aztecs Ruled, the Tamazcal Offered the Same Great Steam Room Benefits Then as Now 

Steam baths from the ancient Aztec culture were used to provide physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.  As can be seen from their art, they considered a trip to these tiny steam rooms to be a treat on many levels. 

Aztek Tamazcal or Steam Room
Aztecs Used Steam Room Called Tamzcal

Early photographs show that the tradition was still being practiced 100 or so years ago in primitive areas of Latin America.

Aztec inspired Tamazcal seen in late 19th or early 20th Century

Today, the tradition continues with bamboo, stone or tile structures providing the steam room, and hot rocks brought from furnaces or bonfires to provide the steam

Tamazcal or Steam Room Design
Tamazcal (Steam Room) in modern Aztec village

Whatever the time, the culture, or the method, the result is the same.  Relaxation, tension relief, spiritual uplift, muscle recovery quickened, olfactory and respiratory system benefits, and more.  The Aztecs like the Northern Europeans, the Romans, and the Australians also recognized the added benefit of using Essential Oils from plants like the Eucalyptus to enhance the entire experience on every level. 

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