sit back, relax and let the water help you unwind.  breathe in deeply as the steam and eucalyptus travel into your lungs and rejuvenate your spirit

Getting to the spa can be a costly adventure but we all deserve to wind down.  What if you could have the perks of the spa at home?  After all, whether it’s work or family, your days and weeks can become exhausting and it’s good to reward yourself with relaxation and rejuvenation.   


For one thing, STRESS.  We all know the word and feelings that come with it very well.  Stress not only tenses the muscles in the body but is also believed to be connected to other health issues such as higher blood pressure, headaches and ulcers.

Treat your body well no matter your finances or schedule.  I want to share with you some simple ways to relax and create your own spa night in the comfort of your own home.

Pumice your Feet
These are great and easy to find at any local store with shower or beauty supplies in the bath or body section and cost under 3 dollars!   Use these to gently scrub dead skin off of calloused and dry places, paying close care not to over scrub or damage the skin.  This will exfoliate unnecessary discomfort and build up from your skin, allowing new skin to come through in a healthy and glowing way. 

Walk in an Ice Bath
This is a common European and Asian tradition for bettering your circulation and general relaxation.  If you are doing this at home, I recommend getting a tub of cold water and ice and placing it either on the bathroom floor or just outside the bathroom.  Stand or sit with your water in the tub while moving your toes and feet in opposing motions for  just a few moments.  Then… 

Create a Steam Room
Once you’ve used your makeshift ice bath, enjoy some heat.  Either jump into a steaming shower or fill up your tub (before the ice bath)  with some hot water.   Enhance the experience with some eucalyptus shower spray.  It will not only smell nice but further relax your muscles, expand your breathing passages and attack unwanted viruses and bacteria. 

Don’t underestimate the power of deep and gentle stretching.  Allow the renewed circulation and heat of the water to pour into your muscles to aid in their relaxation and healing.  Roll your neck from side to side, roll your shoulders and do some gentle twists to really get deep into the tension and let it out. 

Breathe Deeply
Don’t forget to breathe.  It’s the oxygen coming into the brain and the muscles that causes the rest of the body to relax and heal.   So when you breathe, breathe deeply.  If you are lucky enough to have the Eucalyptus oil in the air, breathe that much more deeply and be a blessing to your lungs, heart and stress level. 

Your body goes through so much environmental, physical and emotional stress each day.  At Eurospa, we believe that the body needs to be nurtured through this to experience good health and positive life quality.  

Do your best and be gentle with yourself.  Life is a gift.  Live it well. 

by: Navae Fiona