CDC Says the Flu Shot is Less Effective - Try These Natural Remedies Instead!Scientists are concerned about what they’re seeing so far this flu season, the director of

the Centers for Disease Control said Thursday, due to the cells mutating. Citizens everywhere are dependent on what’s now, no longer helpful, and are in need of some alternative options.  We at Eurospa, understand the need for medicine that works, which is why we look to nature to healing.  Medicine and nature both have their place. When the flu hits, it’s good to be educated. So, since the CDC says the flu shot is less effect, so try these natural remedies instead! 

Start with steam
CDC Says the Flu Shot is Less Effective - Try These Natural Remedies Instead!We’ve said it before, because it’s what we’re built on. Steam is one of the best things you can do for this cold and flu.  Our bronchial passages open up and relax their tension upon meeting the steam. As well, when you spray Eucalyptus oil into the steam the effects are even greater.  Eucalyptus oil not only stimulates the immune system, but also relieves pain and acts as an anti-bacterial agent. Simply spray into shower steam or into a stove top pot for faster inhalation. Do this twice per day.

Homemade tonic
Making your own tonic is a strong way to support your immune system whether keeping the germs away or to get better faster. Combine in one glass:
-1 TBSP raw honey
-1 TBSP raw apple cider vinegar
-1 crushed garlic clove
-1 drop of therapeutic grade oregano oil* (it’s important to only use therapeutic grade oils when ingesting.)  Also keep in mind that oregano, a powerful antiviral and antibiotic, is a HOT oil, meaning that it can burn if left too strong on the skin.  Be sure to only put one drop per glass. IF the oil get’s on your lips, simply rub on olive or coconut oil rather than water as water will only intensify the heat.   

Both remedies have significantly treated the many different symptoms that are common with this years cold and flu viruses.  At Eurospa, we value your health and want to know that life is being enjoyed for you at it’s best.