Steam rooms tend to acquire an unfriendly odor about them as a normal part of their use; an odor most folks find offensive.  Methods commonly used for reducing these foul smells include the introduction of eucalyptus oil into the steam room embedded in towels, sponges, or open containers.  While effective, these methods are inefficient and cumbersome.

Now, a simple solution makes a eucalyptus-fresh steam room easy and cost effective for club managers.  EuroSpa all-natural Eucalyptus Oil blends and the unique Mystifier Injection System help keep steam rooms pleasant and odor free economically.  As little as one drop of EuroSpa Eucalyptus Oil every two minutes is automatically delivered to the steam room line with no unsightly equipment in the client’s view.

No more mold and mildew smell that clients hate but plenty of natural eucalyptus fragrance that clients love!  Simple.  Affordable.  Effective.