These winter days can really get the best of you.   Even if you live in a moderate climate, the general feel in the air is that of stillness and stagnation.  The chill damp nature of winter leaves our bones begging for sustainable warmth.  Investing in life quality should be a priority for anyone really desiring to feel their best in the midst of trying circumstances.

So it seems to make sense to look to how other people around the world deal with these frigid seasons and then try their methods in our own days.

– Turn Down Media.   As a whole, our society forgets how important it is to rest our minds from  our screen addicted culture. (this I say, while writing from a computer of course) But the point remains.  We have a hard time turning off our screens.  We likely spend half our day in front of a computer, then go home to watch t.v. and likely watch some youtube or play on our phones before retiring our overworked eyes.   So do your health and sanity a favor by turning those screens of at least an hour before bed.

– Slow Down & Say No.  It’s ok to say ‘no’ occasionally… maybe even more? We tend to over ‘yes’ people and then find ourselves missing times of relaxation and needed stillness.   When we say ‘no’ appropriately, we remind others and ourselves of our personal value and the self respect that should go along with it.  You know what’s going to benefit and drain you; it’s ok to set those boundaries.

– Get Outdoors.  I know it might be grey and cold outside, but fresh air is so necessary! Get out your rain or snow gear and feel alive.  Whether for a brisk walk, run or hike, the strain the cold weather puts on our system is countered by the deep breathing and increased circulation in the fresh air.  I know it may be hard, but it’s worth it.  Love yourself enough to make it happen.

– Stop Working.  No, not entirely.   But did you know that in Sweden, it’s against the law to work overtime?  It’s not because they don’t want to pay for it. Rather, they know that an employees gives their best when they are happy and healthy.  If you are allowed to clock out after 8 hours, please clock out.  In the end, your work will be more efficient and you won’t burn out.  Live your life, don’t just work it.

– Turn Up the Heat.  Leave your thermostat alone; I’m talking about heat therapy.  Steam rooms and saunas offer a world of relief, relaxation and detoxification in this season of cold and flu.  In many European countries, it’s the norm to have a sauna in your home or apartment building.  We haven’t caught up as fast with that one, but it doesn’t mean they are hard to find.   Usually your local gym and fitness center will have an option for you.  However, if this isn’t an option, take a steam bath or shower at least twice a week to really sink some heat into your bones.  An added bonus?  Add some Eucalyptus Shower Spray to the steam and cleanse your bronchial passages.

Winter isn’t easy for many people.  Your option may include moving to a warmer client, but for many, they just need to adopt some simple practices to maximize the experience to a positive one.
Life is what you make it.  If you want to experience better quality in life (even when it’s unpleasant) then increase the quality of your activities and daily practices.

I’d love to hear what you do to better your winter season.  What’s your secret?  Let us know in the comments below!

by: Navae Fiona