Why have sugar and cream filled bunnies be the focus your Easter holiday? Not every holiday needs to be flooded with sugar highs and lows.  Let’s take a walk on the wild side and explore a few healthier more thoughtful basket fillers for a change!  These ideas for healthy & creative Easter basket treats and gifts are great for adults and kids alike.  Enjoy!

no more chocolate easter bunnies!  this year, have a healthy easter with healthy easter basket ideas and treats from yoga to eucalyptus shower spray from eurospa

1. Lost your marbles?
Marbles are a cute and classic toy that will bring color and fun to your kid’s Easter basket!  Have fun explaining the game, share childhood stories and watch them reclaim the magic of simple play!  

2. Dark chocolate, anyone?
It’s a rare person that can turn down chocolate. But, as someone who’s caring for their health, you’ll also want to pass on all the chemicals and foreign names in your candy.  The less complicated the food label, the better. Besides, chocolate is full of antioxidants, so it is not a total waste, when it comes to health benefits.

3. Yoga.
Yoga supplies like a mat, blocks, ball, straps, DVDs… These are great if your receiver is one that enjoys body strength and flexibility!  It’s also a great gift for a person who’s wanting to make changes to their fitness routine but should necessarily be offended by the ‘generosity’ of a gym membership. (Yoga is a gentle push)

4. Chalk it up.
Nothing says ‘spring’ like sidewalk chalk, as the weather warms up and we want to decorate it with beautiful and colorful art! Both you and your children will be outdoors more often now, enjoying the fresh air. You might as well decorate the driveway with some pastel side walk chalk and show your spring fever.

6. Gift cards.
Gift cards are great for people of all ages because you can always get something you would like from the shore the card is for. And this is great because you can use this at a later time.  An added bonus?  Gift cards for 4 yoga classes (to complete the package) and maybe a massage after?  …just a thought

7. Aromatherapy.
Celebrate spring in bloom with the fragrances of life.   Floral aromas like jasmine, lavender and geranium are both good on the body and help rejuvenate and relax us!  Added bonus, can we suggest?  Our amazing Eucalyptus Oil Shower Spray is an affordable way relax and enjoy better health!

Now that you have some great ideas on how you can make a healthier Easter basket, you can shop with confidence in the decisions you make. Your health matters to us, which is why we at Eurospa are committed to making your life better and a more enjoyable experience. 

This year, make your baskets matter.  Show your loved ones and friends you care but putting care into the gifts you give them.  

Happy Easter!