No Allergic Connection to Eucalyptus Oil in Steam Rooms

Eric Snyder at Eurospa Aromatics explains that their 100% natural eucalyptus oils do not cause allergies or sensitivities. Its medicinal and therapeutic uses go back to ancient Egypt. 

There may be some steam rooms that are not using the 100% oils available from Eurospa Aromatics.  These products are cheaper to produce because the pure oil is diluted with other chemicals.  These chemicals reduce the benefits and might, in some cases, cause irritation. 

The cost of pure Eucalyptus Oil is under $3 per day.  It is penny wise and pound foolish to use products that might save pennies per day, but which reduce the benefits intended by the product.  Moreover, some of the chemicals used will definitely damage pumping equipment and reduce the lifespan of the pumps, resulting in higher costs of repair and replacement. 

You might like to watch a video with more details about how the Mystifier Automatic Injection System works to keep your steam room smelling great, eliminate mold and mildew, and contribute to the wellness of your guests.  See the post and video here.

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