Don't Be the Bug's Dinner! Here are the Best Tips to Avoid Bug Bites This SummerNobody likes to be a bug’s dinner.  We all love summer time, but adults and kids alike, can’t stand the impending doom of being covered in little, itchy, menacing bumps.  The good news, is that it’s totally possible to enjoy a summer vacation, camping at the lake or a day at the river, without the undesirable bug attack. We are going to tell you the best tips to avoid bug bites this summer on the inside and out. 

Mosquitoes find their victims by smell. More specifically, their sensory organs are trained to hone in on sources of carbon dioxide and lactic acid because these chemicals lead them to warm-blooded animals, like you and me. 

What’s great is that we can defend our bodies on both the inside and outside by looking at what attracts mosquitos and other bugs to some people more than others.

Everyone has a distinctive, fingerprint sort of smell to our bodies. Of the 400 aromatic compounds making up the human scent, 30 seem to have a masking effect. If any of those compounds are prominent in your particular body, you will naturally be less noticeable to mosquitos.  On the flip side, there are other compounds that work to attract the bugs to your scent… like a magnet. Ten percent of the population are mosquito magnets.  

How about we change the odds by changing the dominant aromatic compounds? 

First, let’s think preventative. If you have the option to avoid exerting yourself, you’ll attract less bugs. This is hard, considering it’s summer.  But the truth is, when you exercise, you give off more lactic acid and carbon dioxide, which is pretty much happy hour for mosquitos.  If you want to exercise, try swimming, or taking a dip frequently to rinse off what you’re putting out. 

Foods to eat?

Start with garlic. Garlic offers a mild amount of protection through both the odor on your breathe as well as from through the sulfur compounds emitted from your skin. 

Pass on the salt and potassium, as they increase the amount of lactic acid, which as mentioned above, attracts the bugs.  Skip the sugary fruits- especially bananas – and go for cucumber, apples, watermelon, blueberries or green peppers. This way, you aren’t missing out of fruit!

How to defend from the outside?

Essential oils are always our favorite natural remedies.  

1. Citronella – found in many candles and natural bug repelling sprays 
2. Marigold // Calendula – great as a lotion or found in candles
3. Lavender – amazing multi purpose oil.. this one you should have regardless at all times. It’s anti-microbial and a natural bug repellent.  Just dab it on major body points to keep those blood suckers away.
4. Peppermint – similar to lavender, this one is multi purpose.  Keep it around to soothe upset tummies, headaches, to repel bugs and even to treat the bite if they DO get through!
5. Eucalyptus
Our favorite multi-functional remedy, naturally makes the list.  You can bring our eucalyptus oil shower mist along for the trip and spray both your body, your tent and the area around you to keep the bugs away.  They don’t like the smell or taste of it at all, and you get the benefit of clearing your lungs out even more while breathing in the fresh mountain air!  

There are the tips!  Don’t be the bug’s dinner this year. Choose good foods and toxin-free natural remedies to keep those annoying bugs at bay!  Eurospa wants your summer to be a fun and bug free one!