Eucalyptus Oil May Cure Respiratory Diseases, Malaria, Chocolate Addiction, and Cat Trespasses, but Studies have not yet Shown Any Benefit in Using Eucalyptus Oil for Everything . . . at Least Not Yet!

We have shown elsewhere on this blog that Eucalyptus works at least two ways to help combat and even eliminate malaria.  The trees root system dries up the mosquito breeding grounds.  The scent drives away remaining mosquitoes.  Eucalyptus oil alone, or in combination with other products is the second best mosquito repellent known to man, after DEET.  Amazing, dontcha think?

While the scientific method has yet to conclusively prove that eucalyptus oil is fantastic at reducing the effects of, helping to prevent, and speeding the cure of various respiratory infections and diseases, the folks get it!  And eucalyptus has been used in various products for decades because of their effectiveness.

Sometimes you may not want the cure that eucalyptus oil might offer.  A study has been published that suggests the need for more studies.  Don’t they always.  In this case the study says that just inhaling eucalyptus oil might help dampen your craving for . . . chocolate.  The same study also found some help in lowering the desire for cigarettes.  We’ll leave you to decide whether to study your own response.

When it comes to cats and their trespasses, we have also provided you with instructions on how to dissuade cats from hanging out in your garden using eucalyptus.  We were kind enough to also note how that process can be done without actually snuffing out Muffy.

Throughout this blog you will see that eucalyptus and its oils have been recommended or can be scientifically proven to be great for killing microbes and bacteria, stopping cold sores, reducing pain in muscles, and providing relief from stress.  Therefore, in its role as a stress reliever it might be a cure or help for many stress related problems such as depression, lower and upper back issues, stomach problems and headaches.
We just need to run the studies.

But we will admit that you can’t use eucalyptus oil as a cure for heartache, identity theft, or black thumb (inability to grow garden plants).  There may be other things that you won’t be able to use EO for, but not many.  Why not pick up an 8 ounce spray bottle of our 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil and try it out for some of these uses.  

Might we suggest that the first use might be as a spray mist in your shower.  Just turn the shower on full hot until it is producing steam (and before you enter it, please!)  Then spray a couple of times into the steam.  The aroma will quickly fill the entire room, but especially your shower enclosure.  Moderate the temperature to taste and step in while breathing the healing and calming eucalyptus laden steam.  Your experience will be just like at the finest spas in the world.  Oh, did we mention.  This is the same eucalyptus oil product used at the finest spa steam rooms in the world.  We have reviewed many of those spas elsewhere in this blog.