mothers day gift ideas for moms of all ages that are natural and healthyMother’s Day is a day to honor mom, but often, the thought of getting the ‘perfect gift’  can be downright overwhelming! It’s ok, many people get that ‘stuck’ feeling, which is why I thought it would be helpful to share with you some natural, healthy gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Going natural is quite a trend these days and that’s something we are really happy about.  It’s not just a passing trend either, it’s a lifestyle that’s being born out of self education, a desire for sustainability and wanting to both look and feel good.  Why NOT jump into a lifestyle where everyone wins?  But to be honest, even knowing how to live a more natural and healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming, especially for mom, who wants it most but has so much on her plate already.

Allow me to share with you both lifestyle AND gift ideas that will make both you, mom and the people around you feel good and increase life quality.

Women tend to be very sense oriented.  Certain smells, touches, tastes and experiences can tense up and make a woman feel anxious and others will help her unwind and feel total joy and relaxation.  Because of this, my suggestions will be very based on essential oils and their benefits.


  • Oil Burner/Infuser – With the burner, it simply tends to look like a ceramic stand where you place a tea light candle underneath.  Place a few drops of oil in the dish above and the flame will slowly heat the oil, releasing it’s aroma into the room.  Good staple oils are Lavender, Jasmine, Sweet Orange and Lemon Verbena.  The infusers release the fragrance and health benefits into the air without heating oil.  
  • Lavender Eye Pillow – These are great but be sure to get a quality one. The cheaper ones tend to push into the eyes too much and feel uncomfortable.  Great for travel, these foster darkness when you need to sleep, while filled with lavender flowers to help you relax. Great for women who have a hard time settling into sleep. 
  • Acupressure Mat – This one is interesting but has been incredibly beneficial for both body health and relaxation. Also known as a ‘bed of nails’, this 4×2 mat is lined with roughly 100 plastic looking lotuses that you gently lay on.  Your body will balance carefully on the mat while the petals/nails apply pressure to multiple acupressure points.  It takes a little getting used to, but achieves incredible mind and body relaxation! 
  • Eucalyptus Shower Spray – This is great because when you buy it on amazon you get a good size bottle for a moderate price! Use the multi functional spray from a room aroma and germ killer to the shower for bronchial cleansing!  

As you can see, once you get started, the ideas can begin to flow.  One of the best things a mom can use are natural gifts to promote relaxation, as they have one of the most honorable and stressful jobs around.  At Eurospa, we believe they should be honored in the most special ways possible.  Share the love and show mom what she means to you!