Menthol Crystals are being talked about more and more these days, but do you really know what they are and how they will benefit you? Originally known as Japanese Mint, the herb was exported out of Japan and into India. Currently grown in northern India, the leaves of this incredible herb contain 70 percent menthol, releasing a powerfully pleasant aroma of mint. The crystals offer the world many ways and applications to take advantage of it’s wonderfully healing nature.

Let’s look at a some more information and ways that you can invite this plant’s power into your own life, health and home.


A natural product, menthol crystals contain and release a cool and refreshing smell of mint. Derived from the extraction of oil from mint, menthol is an herbal compound, formerly known as peppermint camphor. The crystals work well in any product requiring a strong flavor or aroma, with the added bonus of its ability to relieve pain and soothe the body.

Uses in Health and Beauty:

Menthol crystals are added to other great ingredients used in cosmetics, creams, toothpaste, dental rinses, cough drops and even shampoos.  Because of its analgesic properties, menthol crystals can relieve body aches and soothe muscle pains.  On a more precise and symptomatic level, the essence of menthol can clear up coughing and breathing problems. Simply place a few crystals in the steam of your shower or steam room and inhale the vapors to clear your sinuses. Rub the crystals along the shower walls and the steam will release menthol while you rejuvenate in the shower. With the combination of the heat and menthol  your sinuses will open, your body aches will be relaxed and throat pain will be soothed. Menthol crystals will also dissolve in alcohol and oil, allowing their strong smell to make them a desirable product for home fragrances and perfumes.

For Use In the Home:

When using menthol crystals at home to prepare various products like a salve or fragrance, always wear a mask. Avoid placing your head directly over the bowl or other container containing the crystals. The smell of 100 percent menthol crystals is very powerful. Menthol crystals are soluble in alcohol and oils like olive oil but not in water. They melt around 107 degrees Fahrenheit. Ratios of 5 to 20 per cent menthol are common but for home use start with a low percentage until you develop a feel for the potency of the crystals and your own tolerance.

For Topical Use:

Menthol crystals can be used topically to soothe sore and stiff muscles, but make sure they are diluted with a carrier oil such as olive, coconut or jojoba oil.  Rub the crystals in the carrier, over the area of the skin where the muscles are sore.  The first sensation that you’ll feel will be an icy cooling, followed by numbness and partial incapacity of muscle use. This occurs, as the menthol crystals stimulate the nerve endings in the skin, creating that cold and numbing sensation.
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