New Eucalyptus Oil Shower Spray Twin Pack Increases the Joy of Giving

Eucalyptus Oil Spray Mist – Buy on Amazon

Benefits of Eucalytus Oil

If you love eucalyptus oil for all the great health and wellness benefits, or even just for the tranquil and delightful aromatic fragrance, there is something you need to hear about!

  • Amazing aromatic properties provides sense of euphoria and energy
  • Know antimicrobial 
  • Used for generations for a relief of cold symptoms
  • Anti fungal helps keep fungus out of your shower and tub
  • Combined with the steam in your shower, clears respiratory system
  • Works to eliminate athletes feet

There can be no doubt that an 8 oz spray mist bottle of eucalyptus oil would make a unique and memorable present for someone you REALLY care about.  Our regular cost for the Eucalyptus Oil Shower Mist and Steam Room Spray – 8 Ounce on Amazon is just $29.95.  A perfect price for almost anyone you are blessed to send a gift.

But if you order one for your friend, you might have some second thoughts when it arrives, and wonder if you should keep it for yourself and find something else for the loved one.

We have a solution to your dilemma!!  Order our new twin pack and the second bottle costs you only $19.95.  You save $10 just like that.  Now you can share the experience with your friend, and compare the benefits you and they have received from all the possible uses of this miracle and natural oil.

Head on over to Amazon right now to get your twin pack of Eucalyptus Oil Shower Mist Twin Pack – 8 Ounces Each